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    My fondest wish

    Being a big fan of the Dark Forces games I would absolutely love to see them release a better Kyle Katarn and a Jan Ors figure to coincide with the new release of Jedi Knight II.

    And of course they would have to give us a 3 3/4" scale Moldy Crow.

    Easily one of the coolest looking ships ever!

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    2 things are happening that suggest a positive step towards what we all express interest in here:

    1) Aayla Secura's inclusion in Episode 2 by NAME - in the credits played by Amy Allen I believe - could win her and her fellow On-going series friends action figures by as soon as 2003.

    Those could include (as the most popular and obvious, and / or / previously mentioned in Jedi Force Files in POTJ figures)

    Quinlan Vos
    Vilmah Grahrk
    A'Sharad Hett
    The Dark Woman

    Sure there are a lot of others that hold some merit that I'd also like to see - but these 4 are the top of the crop and there's no denying it! [we're discussing the Ongoing Series from Dark Horse Comics for point # 1]

    2) Tales of the Jedi is going to become a major video game. Based on Dark Horse Comics' The Sith War (they said it was dated 4,000 before the Battle of Yavin), this project will revitalize interest in the origins of the Sith teachings spreading out through the proper galaxy. It will allow video game players to take on the role of a Jedi Padawan (Vima Sunrider, Cay Qel Droma, Tott Doneeta???) and interact with such characters (likely) such as Master Arca Jeth, Master Thon, Master Vodo Siossk Baas, and Jedi Nomi Sunrider, Sylvar etc. and fight the Dark Lords of the Sith such as Exar Kun, Aleema, and confront Ulic Qel Droma - perhaps before and after his fall to the Dark Side. And don't forget about Ulic's power not only lying in the Dark Side of the Force, but also with the full might of the Mandalorian Warriors enslaved to the Sith!

    Or maybe better yet, you can play Ulic Qel Droma and choose the Light Side, or the Dark.

    This project will be available on 2 game consoles and in PC format. I believe it is interactive role-play with some fast action sets for lightsaber duels and Force-Battles.

    It will also renew interest in the comics and action figures could just flow from this series as a whole wave in iself.

    When I was doing Rogue's Gallery, fan polling on 5 major websites strongly supported Tales of the Jedi figures especially as related to the events surrounding The Sith War.

    Ulic, Nomi, and Exar were instant action figures with an average of 90% of the fans who were voting in support of them.

    A total of 16 figures from this series won over at least 70% of the vote (each poll received between 600 and 1,000 votes on it - and we had pictures of the characters). If I can recall, they were:

    1) Ulic Qel Droma as a Jedi
    2) Dark Lord Ulic
    3) Ulic from Redemption (fallen Sith)
    2) Exar Kun
    3) Nomi Sunrider
    4) Nomi from Redemption (Jedi Master)
    5) Sylvar (Cathar Jedi)
    6) Tott Doneeta (Twi'lek Jedi)
    7) Vima Sunrider (as Jedi Apprentice)
    8) Aleema (as Sith Sorceress)
    9) Mandalore (Mandalorian Commander)
    10) Cay Qel Droma (Jedi with Cyborg arm)

    I'm temporarily stumped as to which the others were. My friend and I who worked with me on these polls for Rogue's Gallery had included everything a diorama builder could want, right down to the Tetan Soldiers and Sith Demon Droids, regular Mandalorian Warriors, and even a ghost of Master Arca figure. We did vehicles and beast assortment toys in the poll, too.

    Two polls from The Great Hyperspace Wars toy suggestion lists preceeded it, and a poll for figures from the Jedi Apprentice book series followed it. But Tales of the Jedi had the strongest showing.

    In any case, with Aayla being in the movie and a video game strongly rumored to be about The Sith War forthcoming late this year, figures from the Ongoing Series and Tales of the Jedi seem real possible.

    If that comes true, my next hope would be new additions to the Heir to the Empire Collection, a huge show of figures supporting New Jedi Order while the books are hot, and some assorted figures from Crimson Empire starring Kir Kanos, the Royal Guardsman.

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    What else can be said besides that we NEED another EU line. Half (or more) of Star Wars is EU. So, we need to see another line now. Thanks, Hasbro, I know you will do the right thing.
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    HASBRO made a Desert Skiff?!?!
    May the force be with you.

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    I think you're all forgetting the BEST EU of all time!!!!!!!!

    Kyle Katarn
    Jan Ors
    etc. I wanna see all the Dark Forces 2 and 3 characters, we got Dark Forces Kyle (even if it was more Dark Forces 2, especially with the rail detonator) and Trooper but we need the rest of them. Mwhahaha.
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    I'm adding my voice for Hasbro to make a new set of EU figures. Hasbro can produce so many characters from the novels, comics and video games. Here is a sample of what characters i would like seen made into figures:

    Talon Karrade
    Admiral Daala
    Bevel Lemelisk
    Admiral Pellaeon
    Moff Disra
    Dolph as Brakiss

    the list can definitly go long.

    anyway that is my two cents.

    HEY everyone on the forum, what characters do you want to see. i will post a list of characters i want to see from the novels, comics and video games.

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    SNAYSON: good list!

    I can personally really use several of these with customs or dioramas I aleady have made or plan to:

    Captain /or/ Admiral Palleon is on the top of my list! So necessary!


    Talon Karrde

    Borssk Fey'la!

    and Winter.

    Moff Disra could be cool, with a new Royal Guard figure and Thrawn (as Flim), the triumvate would be complete! But the first 5 are the highest priority!

    (but I was glad to see you remember Disra!)

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    Pellaeon is a must, my Thrawn's getting lonely! But SNAYSON and Tycho, you both forgot Tierce, if we got Disra and Flim, we'd need him! C'baoth is also on my want list along with Rukh and another, generic Noghri.
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    I wish Habro would at least give us an answer if that it is a possibility or if another EU line is out of the question. I think that that should, but i'd like to get a straight answer instead of hoping and wondering.
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    I thought the "concept" figures and Snowbi-Wan might be a positive sign, but I don't know of any news since then, unless you count Zutton as a Holiday Special figure.
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