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    Where is the stuff we WANT to see????

    Mysterious posters with "new""leaked" images that are sacrilige to even gaze upon and like a UFO are gone in the night with only a few observers left to tell of what they have seen.....

    It sounds like carefully loaded crap to me.

    We are 3 months away from these figures in stores to buy. E2 is one of the major toy lines of 2002, WE SHOULD BE SEEING FINISHED.....BOXED/PACKAGED TOYS...NOT PROTOTYPES!!!!

    And if these images are "leaked"...where is the stuff we really WANT to see....Dexter Jetster, Count Dooku, a Geonosian, Clonetroopers, Super Battle Droids...all we have really seen are images we all know..Anakin(big surprise),Obi-Wan, Jango Fett(no real surprise there), unknown Jedi Knights, Slave 1(big changes there), Jedi Starfighter(have been seeing this for months)......

    I truely feel we are being played here...we are not seeing ANYTHING Hasbro/Lucas doesn't want us to see.

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    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    The peep show...

    Originally posted by INDIANA (edited)
    Mysterious posters with "new""leaked" images that are sacrilige to even gaze upon and like a UFO are gone in the night with only a few observers left to tell of what they have seen.....

    It sounds like carefully loaded crap to me.
    I say, look at the pics that you can, but don't make such a horrid issue out of it. If Sir Steve says he can't post stuff here because he is complying with Hasbro's wishes then so be it! Would you rather not have Hasbro take the forum posters on this site a litte more seriously and accept our feedback rather than to cheese them off and have them not listen to what their customers are saying? I think that it's true that many of us would like to see the whole product line, but we can't so we need to be adults about it and stop whining. "We must be patient...", I believe one of our beloved SW characters said. The future will be here soon enough. Sir Steve will make sure the pictures are available to us as soon as they are legally allowed to be posted.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with you JEDIpartnr; trying to get SirSteve to post pictures and descriptions of what he has seen or knows about the new figures is just plain self-detructive.

    It seems to me that whatever problems we may still have with Hasbro, this last year I think they've been definitely listening and producing figures more for collectors. Yeah, we don't get exactly what we want all the time, but I've been a lot happier with the POTJ figures in general than I have with any others for a long time.

    It still takes a lot of time and effort to get such a huge company to make changes in a line just for us, but I think this site has gone pretty far in that direction. I'd MUCH rather wait for another couple months to get all the details on the EP2 figs, than have Hasbro decide that Sirsteves site isn't worthy of sharing information with in the future. We'd pretty much ALL be screwed at that point.

    BTW INDIANA, it's pretty doubtful that this has all just been staged by Hasbro so they can laugh at us from their offices.
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    Oh, I don't think their sitting in the office laughing at us. I think their planning their summer vacations with all the extra money we will be dropping in April. ALL of this is MARKETING. By Hasbro, by LFL, ALL of it. These people know full well what they are doing, when to do it, all to get us excited about E2. Bottom line for all of If someone "leaked" the latest images 6 months ago I would have been impressed. At this point it's all marketing. Sir Steve and the other sites just do what Hasbro lets them. It's a big game. We are the pawns trying to act like we have actual say in any of this.

    Now I'm completely depressed and tired of the whole thing.

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    Think of it this way, when you finally see the figures you want to see, you'll appreciate them all the more. Personally, I can't to see Darth Tyrannus/Count Dooku.
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    I want to see them to , but I will wait and [SAVE UP]
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    i hear ya indiana.


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