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    Count Your Carded Figures

    How many CARDED figures do you have? This includes all figures, past and present, including the new ROTS line. I'm just curious what other collectors have. I've been collecting for a number of years, but limit what figures I collect. I don't try to get one of everything. Mostly Darth Vader, Anakin, and characters I like.

    After counting all mine, I have a grand total of = 186
    which I doubt is a lot compared to many others.

    So, share your numbers!

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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    Well i gave up on counting about 4 years ago, but i believe i'm somewhere close to 500...maybe more.

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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    Finally, an easy question!

    I have 217 carded figures, from POTF2 through ROTS.
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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    At last count I had 400 figs and thatwas over 18 months ago. I know for sure its over 500. This is all from 95 til present. 1 vintage carded figure.
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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    I'm at about the 500+ range myself. I'm really tempted to start cracking them open to save on storage space in my garage.
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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    I'm an opener so the only carded figures I have are duplicates of figures or characters that I like a lot.

    Around 27 in all.
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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    I am somewhere in the 200 range. Starting from 1995. I still have my vintage figures too, but they were all opened when I was a kid. If I knew then what i know now.

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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    If I had to ballpark it, only around 130, but that's just fine with me.
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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    Not sure of the total figures (guess I'll count tonight) but I have been collecting these since the re-release back in 1995 (man thats so long ago!!)

    So, the complete lines I have are POTF2, SOTE, POTJ, SWEI, EU, Flashback, and #'s 1-24 of ROTS.

    I stopped for a couple years when Saga, Clone Wars & the others were out. Been going to Fred's, Roses & other stores to try & get the ones I missed. Don't really know why I stopped collecting for that long.... its a mystery!

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    Re: Count Your Carded Figures

    All sealed figures I have(basics)is around the 200 mark. I think I may have an unleashed figure or 2 sealed somewhere....
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