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    Lava Vader Screw Up

    Hey everyone, Waited in line for 2 hours Saturday to get my Lava Vader. Come to find out the Clamshell packing on every one is too small and therefore the top of every Lava Vader I looked at was bent. Not only that but the sides are narrow and most of the sides of the cards were bent. So much for a mint on mint card Lava Vader. Anyone else encounter the same?Looks like this Vader is going to my loose collection.

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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    Yeah I think Hasbro really should have ditched the case like they with the TRU Yoda. The cards would have been in better shape. Did you notice that on the bottom of the Vader that is says packed in the USA? Some A holes in NH didn't get the size right.
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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    hmm..mine looked fine- I guess ill have to double check it, did you get yours off a peg or was someone in the toy section handing them out from a box?

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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    Yeah I noticed the protective bubble case is a bit small. Luckily the girl handing them out was understanding of collectors, and when asked for a new one (1 of 50,000 sticker was messed up), she politely checked through the various Lava Vaders for a good one.

    Guess I got lucky to have a good store employee handing them out.

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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    The top J-hook hanger on mine is kinda bent up and the clamshell itself has a few slight dings but other than that it's pretty good. I'm not exactly a MOMC collector so it's not that big of a deal to me.
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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    On the they have individual figs "w/case" I wonder if these are the same protective cases as Lava Vader? Anyone else notice this?

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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    I think the whole affair was a screw up.
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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    Mine is in really good shape in the bubble. I have seen them bvent up and all as well. I guess they really didnt care too much about em.
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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    Mine looks like Anakin after his Mustafar bender!
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    Re: Lava Vader Screw Up

    The outer bubble on mine was all messed up, especially in the bottom corners. Unfortunately, I had to send my sister-in-law to pick it up for me as I was out of town on the 2nd. I'm thankful to get one but its certainly not mint.


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