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    Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    By now, you've seen 'em. The shot released today by Hasbro of the 4 figures coming soon from the Walmart Ealry Bird kit/set.

    Sooooooooo....what'd ya think?

    I really like the Chewie and R2. Pumped about Leia....if she came with her "sporting blaster", I'd have no reason to own the Commtech version.
    The Luke....if that saber hilt isn't huge, then it'll be a cool figure. If the saber hilt ends ups being the size of a GINORMUS SAUSAGE, then, he'll end up in a drawer with the Saga Anakin sausage-saber-hilt figure.
    I liked these when "snicker" I bought em last year in the VOTC, and, well, I've bought em again.

    I am happy to get the Chewie, it'll be the first VOTC-style of him from ANH. I would hope the R2 has some pop-out feature like a datalink, but I won't hold my breath. If Luke had, say, a blast shield helmet and a seeker ball on a stand, I'd also be pumped(not too late if yer listening Hasbro).
    It did occur to me that if we get all 12 of the figures listed on the display stand, then we'll get a VOTC Tusken with gaffi stick and another Stormtrooper and finally the DS Commander .

    So, everyone's thoughts....
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    Im not picking one of these up but another Stormy never hurt, buut I want that diisplay stand. Iill have to get one.

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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    I wonder if we'll get a cloth cape Jawa, as well....?

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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    That R2 is the Saga HOF/OTC #12 figure which itself was a repaint of the POTJ Naboo Escape figure, the one with the permanently-bent ankles and wheely-feet.

    Leia looks OK, I'll decide better when I see it in person, but probably will get it no matter what.

    Chewie doesn't look good to me at all, it looks like the VOTC figure's arms cobbled onto the Saga Bespin Escape figure's body and head, though I don't think that's the case, just how it looks to me. The face and legs look off though, definitely.

    Luke looks like a decent headsculpt and body, but not outstanding, and the saber-arm thing is kinda dopey (though if Hasbro had the wits to make that arm removable so you could replace it with a normal arm, it'd be almost into "awesome" territory" ).
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    I actually like them and glad I bought one, the certificate is going in the mail Saturday morning.

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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    I picked one up, since they're decent looking. I think Luke's arm is from Outlander Peasant Disguise Anakin, though.
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    Not really all that thrilled about the figures. I do like the Leia with the hood, thats pretty cool since she only had it on for that one small scene and thats it. I will most likely not get it but I say that about alot of things.
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    I really like these. The pics on the computer I'm now using are much nicer, so I can see that Leia does indeed have a hood. She kind of looks like a retool of the VOTC figure, but that's okay by me. Chewie looks great, its looks like an ANH head on the VOTC body, which is sweet. R2-D2 . . . hopefully they'll do him better when he comes out, but I doubt it. Either way, I never got the "clean" HOF/OTC repaint of the Naboo Escape figure. I really hope Luke isn't so short as the VOTC one, that was weird. I love the lightsaber, and no it's not Anakin's (he didn't have a hanging sleeve, his was tighter).

    I wonder if the "new line" will be retools of previously existing figures, like these? That would be okay, but it should stop after the initial twelve to flesh out the display.
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    WOw, this might change my mind quickly. Lay-a-way special for this one.
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    Re: Hasbro Early Bird photo reaction....

    I am totally unimpressed with these figures. It is such a shame that Hasbro has to limit themselves to characters, vehicles, and locales which will be recognized by the average movie-goer, or which come from the movies.

    Hasbro wants to keep the Star Wars line going, that's fine - so give us NEW stuff. How about a Knights of the Old Republic line of figures? How about a Moldy Crow ship? Karnor Jax and Kir Kanos? Jedi Academy figures?

    Hell, how about a line of figures from the Timothy Zahn books? Hasbro could start a massive Expanded Universe line and draw attention to all the comic books, novels, and video games that exist out there. From a marketing standpoint it would be brilliant, and might even draw sales from the source material for the toys.

    I dunno. I'm tired of the same old figures over and over again. I collect them because I like to have representations of the characters so that, someday, when I am old and retired, I can build massive dioramas and put them under glass in a finished basement.

    How many Leias, Lukes, Darth Vaders, Chewbaccas, R2-D2s, C-3POs, Obi-Wan Kenobis, Lando Calrissians, and Han Solos am I going to have by then?

    The VOTC were good figures. The only thing left to do would be to create figures with 15+ points of articulation with soft goods capes or robes, holsters for weapons, lightsabers that attached to belts, etc., all on the same figure, and then call it a day and say "this is the best we can do," but Hasbro will never combine ALL the appropriate extras on an entire line of figures because then they would have to show some licensing creativity and create new lines of new figures in the fashion I suggested.

    If I buy any of these Wal-Mart Early Bird kits, it will be to have one for my collection and the rest I will sell in a year or so.
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