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    Blue Clone Trooper?

    Do you think that he will be a variant of the SA Clone Trooper or the up-coming Target SA Clone Trooper exclusive. I hope that he isn't the target exclusive, becuase I want to recreate the scene from the trailer where is Anakin is leading a platoon of the blue troopers through the Jedi Temple.

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    Who knows? At this point I don't think we know if a Clone Trooper with blue markings is even slated for production let alone what he might or might not look like if it was.
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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    From what I read, the blue clone is known as the Shocktrooper. These are the ones seen marching with Anakin into the Jedi Temple. With such a large role, I can't imagine why they wouldn't eventually release it - I just hope their not dumb enough to make it an exclusive.

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    whats SA? :-( and what upcoming target exclusive are you talking about?!

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    Quote Originally Posted by BoPs
    whats SA? :-( and what upcoming target exclusive are you talking about?!
    It means super articulated. Target is supposed to have an Exclusive SA Clone Trooper in May.

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    There is really nothing known at this point about the S/A Target exclusive Clone, at least I have heard. I would guess that it will have some sort of paint app that makes it different than the regular white version, but what that'll be I don't know.

    Hasbro will probably release several re-paints of the S/A mold. I would love to have the blue ones. Just hope it won't require us to jump through all of the hoops that it took to get the Lava Vader.

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    In the trailer when they show Aayla, there is a yellow version of the clone commander....that variant would be cool as well!! There is also a couple of regular clone troopers with yellow coloring as well.
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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    Give it time, I am sure there will be plenty of figures to make in the upcoming months. 56 will not last long, middle of the summer at most.
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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    I hope they don't make him an exclusive, becuase I want some of these Order 66 Clones that I am seeing in the trailers/TV Spots. Wal-mart is the only place I can get to...

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    Re: Blue Clone Trooper?

    The yellow variants in that frame with Aayla look like Commander Cody. He's on the cover of the Clone Wars Risk game, and you can also learn about him on the Episode III game website.

    Hopefully we will get a figure of him, at any rate.
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