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Thread: ROTS promo #5

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    ROTS promo #5

    Card #5 is scheduled to be released with the April issue of Wizards. Is it out on the stands yet?

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Just got mine today at Barnes & Noble. Chewie looks sad in that pic.
    Finally have the full promo collection MINUS Grievous, which i'll be getting at Celeb III. Gonna try to get a bunch while there to give to my friends here at SSG!!

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    I went to the comic shop on Saturday but the May issue was on the stand.

    I will have to check Waldenbooks or some other place.

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    I checked the other day but they only had the Wiz2 movie special on the stands.

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Story of my life right now: day late, dollar short.

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Also, just FYI, Wizard #163 is available with two different covers. One has Batman and the other has The Avengers. Both have the same info inside, and the promo card, but just wanted to let you know in case you're into Marvel/super hero stuff.


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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    The #5 promo card?

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Yes, the #5 promo card with Chewie.

    Make sure you don't buy the Wizard2 mag with "Batman Begins" on the cover. This is not #163, it's the special movie preview edition, you won't get the card.

    The #163 with batman on front is an animated Batman, as are the Avengers on the other cover available.

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Thanks! There's an out of the way comic shop in my town that's always a little slow in changing titles out. I'll stop there on the way home tonight.

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    Re: ROTS promo #5

    Got it! The shop still had a stack of that Wizards issue.

    I noticed a difference between this shop and the one I frequent regularly. Shop #1 had the same issue but not bagged, while shop #2 had all of its issues in bags.


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