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    Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    $12.99 plus tax, works out to be almost $14.

    I know that on e-Bay it's up to about $43 now.

    I'd sell it for what I paid for it.

    I already have a buyer - my friend wants it really bad (even though he has some, or a damaged card one at least) already.

    If I kept it, I was thinking about opening it. Honestly, I never wanted the thing, and now that I got one (went for it anyway because I was there on April 2nd, and thought "why not?") I'm thinking about opening it and making a display by 'fake lava' with it.

    I'd rather have it loose if I kept it.

    I don't want to get ripped off if I sell it for cost.

    He is offering me Bariss and Shaak-Ti 12" for $15 each, instead of $20+ tax if I go along with this, plus Clone Commander and Red Palpatine at cost, so there's less I have to go out driving after.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Hey Tycho, if you are going to open it, why not trade it with your friend for his damaged one.

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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    I'd sell it at cost if someone really needs it Tycho. I was fortunate enough to pick up 2 of them and sold one to a forumite and the total after shipping came out to $17.56 and I actually felt good about helping someone out rather than ripping him off. I could've easily sold it for $100 as this was when they first were being posted on Ebay.

    Obviously it's your figure so you'll do what you want regardless but you wanted opinions and I gave ya one.
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Id sell it if ya dont really want it. The offer the guy put on the table is like you giving him a free figure and all he is giving you is a 10 dollar discount.

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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    First of all, there is no such thing as "ripping someone off" via selling a figure. No one HAS to pay anything, therefore no one can be "ripped off." If they don't like the price, they don't have to buy it.

    That being said, I would sell it...but not now. EBay is flooded with them. Give it six months to a year, and then contemplate selling it - though, depending on the value of a mint, unopened figure by then, you might want to keep it for yourself after all.
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    No don't sell it yet it's TOO EARLY at least wait until after July.

    Kahuna: Kahuna say why you sell lava for ? You must be crazy, lava is very hot! Once Kahuna burn hand when he was little on lava. BIG MAMA made lots of coconut macademia cookies for Kahuna for being a brave boy while doctors fix Kahunas hand. Now I play Krikitiki (cricket) like Graham Gooch. Muholla if you can hear me!

    Shaggy (the rapper):Sell Lava Vader to me! I'm Mister LAVA LUVA!!

    Shaggy (Scooby's bud): Like Lava makes me hungry . Hey Kahuna, got any of those cookies left?
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Just sell it if you want, it's not that big of a decision. If you really need one THAT badly later on they'll be available. At the rate the prices are dropping? Pfft. Besides, with the way you shop so early in the morning chances are even if they don't become very easily available, you'll be able to find something to trade.

    The whole feeling ripped off thing? You can't really feel ripped off if you've helped out a collector with something you really didn't want in the first place. If you really want the diorama, keep it. But when you start third-guessing, fourth-guessing, etc. That means you've become obsessed with it's rarity. Seriously, it happens.
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Id sell it, or just get rid of it. that goes for all of you. He's dangerous I tell you, they all see it, why cant you?

    I left him in his package next to the Jedi younglings. I woke up and he had burned through his package, the younglings are dead, and he is missing.
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Yeah, Tycho
    Only sell it if you're ok with it. Like you said it that much more you don't have to buy and you'd be helping out a collector in need. But the feeling of having two of something rare is sweet success as well as helping out a friend. Anyways, think it over, don't make any quick rash decisions haha. It also depends on how good a friend the friend is. Patience is virtuous. Crap I can't spell for anything.
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    Re: Should I sell (not scalp) my Target Lava Darth Vader?

    Just GIVE it to me Tycho. Thats the bestdecision yet.
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