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    Smile ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    [font=Arial]?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06[/font]
    [font=Arial]This maybe obvious to some or not, here is some information on the Quick Draw Clone Trooper, that I just recently discovered after I opened it that he has at least 13 points of articulation, which is plenty, two weapons a blaster and a rifle, also he has a blank shoulder patch and one with the insignia these are found below the label at his feet. Well, the points of articulation I am counting are[/font]
    [font=Arial]01 - head turns[/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - shoulder rotates[/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - elbows bend[/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - wrist turns[/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - legs at hips split[/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - knees bend [/font]
    [font=Arial]02 - ankles turn[/font]
    [font=Arial]13 - points of articulation[/font]
    [font=Arial]Guess, I am wondering what is going to be special about the fully 14 point articulated clone trooper #41, which I believe the extra articulation is due to the waist movement, which is removed in #06, because of the quick draw action. Also, #41 seems to only have one weapon and both shoulder patch seem to be in place from the pictures in the package, indicating it may or may not have a change in insignia shoulder patch. Any clarification would be appreciated or any other opinions would be cool.[/font]
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    OK, I may be wrong but I thought that if a figures knees bent that was 2 points of articulation and if they rotate that was also 2 more POA.

    01 - head turns
    02 - shoulders rotate
    02 - shoulders bend
    02 - elbows rotate
    02 - elbows bend
    02 - wrists turn
    02 - legs bend at hips
    02 - knees rotate
    02 - knees bend
    02 - ankles rotate

    19 - points of articulation

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    Universal joints are generally counted as 1 point of articulation even though they are technically 2 joints because they are articulation at 1 point on the figure. The shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles (which you missed Wesley, so it'd be 21 POA by your count ) are each counted as 1 point of articulation, and many people commonly refer to them as "ball joints" even though they're not because of their rounded shape and similar range of motion.

    As for CT 41, he'll have the mid-waist articulation, a slightly weathered paintjob, and there's some sort of antenna on the prototype photo which may be a removable backpack
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    Just look at as another way to get your hands on some Clones.
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    Quick Draw figures never work/look right. I used to have some Butch Cassidy/Inidana Jones/ and Zorro-LoneRanger Hour toys which had so-called quick draw features and the figures gun arm is smaller than it should be. Is it that the character is supposed to be drawing a gun bent armed. Look at the first Han Solo figure, it looked like Sundance without the button in the back. The more recent Han Solo Cantina Encounter figure is better by far but lacks the "quick draw" feature that the Clone trooper would have. My question is why would a Clone Trooper need to have a quick draw, unless they are at the academy testing on the firing range for a promotion or contest? In the real military/SWAT police , the trooper should have have to pull out their side arm unless their primary weapon (most likely an AR-15/M-16) is completely out which would be unlikely since they carry LOTS of ordinance (ammo). The soldiers are expected to exhaust all ammo at their disposal including their dead buddy's and the enemy(since the AK47 cartridges fit the M-16) if available before they take out the .40S&W or Colt45 which is more of a CQB (close quarter battle) tool when the enemy is right on top of you or vise versa. Since most soldiers currently in Iraq are/were city police officers or private security guards they prefer a .9mm or a .357 magnum/.38 revolver which are more common and easier to use in the States because they are used to it even though it is against regulations for obivous reasons, mainly since those weapons do not exist outside of collectors in that part of the world.
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    I think you're looking waaaaay too deep into the issue, especially when the quick draw is just a fun little thing that doesn't disable the figure in anyway. Except for waist movement, but it still gets along fine without that.

    Btw, a 7.62mm cartridge from an AK-47 cannot fit in a 5.56mm chamber without a conversion kit or an actual gun designed for it.

    You get my vote for most random though.
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    LTB:I knew I forgot to put something on the AK47/M-16 issue. Thanks!
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    Remember spear-chucking Kenobi from AOTC with Rosie Palm Action?! That would've been a great Quick Draw! figure.
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    I bought the Darth Vader case for my son, and when we got out the Clone Trooper that is packed with it, I found it to be far superior to the #6 CT. We have trouble getting #6 CT to stand up (because of the stupid leg squeeze thing). But the one from the figure case is awesome. He has the mid waist articulation as described in an earlier post on this thread, and I actually wondered if he would be the #41 CT with a clean paint job instead of the expected "dirty" paint scheme. He doesn't come with a gun...bummer....but he rocks!
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    Re: ?'s on Quick Draw Clone Trooper #06

    The Clone Trooper that comes with that case also has the old-style AOTC/Clone Wars style helmet, not the ROTS/stormtrooper helmet.
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