I "just found" out what I have long suspected ShopKo is not a viable option for SW collecting. The other day I was in Watertown checking on Target and Wal-Mart, when I decided to hit up ShopKo to see if it had anything unique on the shelves.
What I found was that they had exactly zero ROTS figures. None. So I left the toy section and started scavenging around the store to see if there was a big display somewhere. Nope.
Then I grabbed an employee, who looked at me like I was speaking some language that didn't exist when I asked her where the ROTS toys were. Holy crap!
It seems unbelievable that large department store chains wouldn't have their shelves stocked or even have a section ready to be stocked with some of the hottest toys around.
Anyway, an unstocked store was all I found in Watertown.