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    Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    Ok, I basically clueless as to where im going to put these ROTS figures. I dont take them out of the packaging, so this makes it a lot harder for me. Right now, I have them in temporary places (drawers, couches ect.) What is the best way to store these figs? I have a few of them on my couch in the basement, but Im afraid that over time the humidity in the basement will cause damage to the figs.

    So who has the best way to store these figs?

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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    I have a whole bunch of sealed figures and what I do is store them in a large rubbermaid container with a piece of bubble wrap seperating each and keep that in my parents garage. I was able to store 1 bin there and any ones that are left I put them in stop and shop bags and keep them in my old closet at my parents. I got about 4 of those filled. I look at them from time to time to make sure they're still good and they are, so. That's an option that you may want think about.
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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    I go with rubbermaid also. Be aware of high humidity, dust, and temp fluctuations where ever you keep them thou. Namely Attic space and basements but it depends on the house.
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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    I have a couple MOC Episode I Jar Jar's under the short-leg of my couch.

    Those 50-gallon Rubbermaid tubs are nice for figure storage. They should hold more ROTS figures than SAGA due to the slimmer package profile. But you might add some bubble wrap in there as megaprime suggested to prevent dents, dings, or scrapes. Or you can buy plastic cases for MOC figures.

    If your basement is too damp consider buying a dessicant to absorb moisture down there. And just check on them from time to time to make sure they aren't moldering or warping.

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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    I wouldn't store carded figures in Rubbermaid bins but thats just me. If they were loose I'd say go for it but those bins can trap moisture pretty easily especially if they're stored in a garage or other cold areas. I'd opt for using cardboard boxes for your carded collection with a bit of bubble wrap if you have it. If you're really concerned and don't mind spending a little more $ I'd suggest using Star Cases but I'm not even sure if they've released a case that will fit the new card design yet. I'd also store them in a cool dry place if you have the option, a garage is not a good place for carded collectables.
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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    Ive got most of my other non ROTS figs in big rubbermaid containers, but I didnt think about using bubble wrap. It would make the chance for damage a lot less.

    Now I just need to find out where I can get some cheap bubble wrap

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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    ProTech is also coming out with protective cases for the ROTS figures, I plan on getting enough of these to protect all my carded ROTS figures. We move every few years so I really need the extra protection.
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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    The ROTS cases from Protech are out already (just checked), just incase you were waiting for them to be available so you could buy them.

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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    Use tacks and hang them on your wall. Cover your entire wall with the things!

    Storing them in Rubbermaid containers? Why even buy them if your not going to open or even display them?

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    Re: Who wants to help me fix my problem?!

    I used to use tacks and hang them on my walls but after a while I ran out of room and had to start storing figs in my closet. Now I keep ALL of my carded figs in Rubbermaid containers along with the rest of my collection in a storage shed. When I go home in May on leave I'm seriously considering moving my entire collection into a climate controlled facility.

    If you have the room and the time and patience to make it look right I'd use the tack method and hang 'em up on your walls. As I said patience. You have to get them to line up vertically AND horizontally or else it's all for naught. Give it a whirl and see how you like it.
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