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Thread: 40+ ???

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    40+ ???

    Has anyone found anything above 40???

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    Re: 40+ ???

    to my knowledge, nothing above 40 has been released yet. start to check the stores around the arrival of ROTS in theaters. after the movie is released, there will be new waves of figures released. and all the 33-40 figures will be easier to get. luckily i got 33-40 all today.
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    Re: 40+ ???

    Quote Originally Posted by WesleySr
    Has anyone found anything above 40???
    Not me, I haven't even seen figures #37, 38 39 or 40. I spoke with the Hasbro rep, and she said it was a pretty common complaint that she has heard, with most people saying they have only got # 1 though #32.

    At first I thought you were looking for posters over the age of 40, and I turn 40 next month.
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    Re: 40+ ???

    According to's Cargo Bay section, the next figures to be released aren't due out until May 1, which is the next wave 41-44.

    #45 is Governor Tarkin, and he's got a release date of June 1.
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    Re: 40+ ???

    41 Clone Trooper
    42 Niemoidian
    43 Wookiee Warrior
    44 Destroyer Droid (version 5?)
    45 Tarkin
    46 Gran Senator (Ask Aak)
    47 Mon Calamari Senator (female, name I forgot)
    48 R2D2 (makes sounds)
    49 Commander Baccera (Ki-Adi Mundi's Clone Commander)

    None of these have been found yet. They are due next.

    If Tarkin is in June (and I'd guess he's Collection 2)......................

    Perhaps Clones, Niemoidians, Wookiees, and Destroyers (all with action features I think) are due next IN MAY for the movie release?

    41 Clone Trooper - action feature? - Super Articulation
    42 Niemoidian - oversized firing cannon
    43 Wookiee Warrior - ??? Probably another firing weapon?
    44 Destroyer Droid (version 5?) - firing blasters

    It would seem that they'd ship these, and if they are mixed cases, also include repeats?

    Obi-Wan, Anakin, Grievous, Sidious, Vader? These might be the repeats.

    They have things to fill the places of Confederacy Droids, Wookiees, Separatist soldiers, and Clones. Yoda might be all that is missing and not repeated in theme, if not form.

    The idea being that every role in the film can still be purchased by those who decide to buy after they see the movie and don't have the stuff we already bought.

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    Re: 40+ ???

    Well how far away is Anakin on Mustafar if Tarkin is June? Are they in the same wave?
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    Re: 40+ ???

    Quote Originally Posted by megaprime33
    Well how far away is Anakin on Mustafar if Tarkin is June? Are they in the same wave?

    No Tarkin is collection 2 and Anakin is collection 1
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    Re: 40+ ???

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    No Tarkin is collection 2 and Anakin is collection 1
    Wait, now im confused, I thought that collections 1 and 2 are the ones have been released already, up to 40, so I figured that collection 3 and perhaps a 4th would come out in May and June. I was curious as to when Anakin on mustafar will hitting stores.
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    Re: 40+ ???

    Collection 1 is the more kid oriented line with action features and more main characters. Collection 2 is more collector oriented with more obscure characters. They will both have different waves.
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    Re: 40+ ???

    well, its good to here that i'm caught up. now i can take a break. the at-te gunner is the only guy around here thats hard to find.


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