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Thread: what a joke!!!

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    Exclamation what a joke!!! these guys think we cant add .4 figs at walmart is 20.96 ....3 at kb's is 20.97 ...this doesnt include tax on either or shipping from kb's . again , what a joke much for signing up to get " great money saving offers "!!

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    Re: what a joke!!!

    Well....I least this way they are in line with everyone else's the guise of a sale of course. So if you need those pegwarmers...KBToys is your place!
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    Re: what a joke!!!

    i havent seen any figures at 6.99 all the ones around here are 5.22-5.99.
    check this site out!!


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    Re: what a joke!!!

    They do have Mas Amedda in stock though and for now, he is a bit tough to find.
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    Re: what a joke!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by buddatrooper
    i havent seen any figures at 6.99 all the ones around here are 5.22-5.99.

    Trooper, the KB toys near my house has ROTS figures for 6.99, and from the looks of it, it doesn't appear that any of the figures are moving off the pegs.

    Furthermore, that same KB only has figures 1-32.

    It's no wonder why most of the KB's that used to be around here on Long Island are going out of business. Oh Well!
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    Re: what a joke!!!

    KB has the disadvantage of being in a mall, which has sky high rent per sq. foot compared to a box store. I suppose the idea is that foot traffic and impulse buying will make up the difference .
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    Re: what a joke!!!

    There's a KB in an out-of-the-way mall here in Maryland that has zero ROTS figures. They said they never received any and haven't heard that they would be getting any.

    Also, this is one of ony 3 KB stores that I know of in the entire state. Needless to say, they don't sell very much and are quickly going out of business around here.

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    Re: what a joke!!!

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: KB SUCKS!

    Well...let me clarify - I've gotten some great deals there, and USED TO enjoy shopping there, but they have the WORST business strategy I've ever seen. First off, yes, they're in a mall, so they've got to find some way to pay that high rent expense. Selling common merchandise isn't going to work - that's why most stores in a mall are SPECIALTY stores. If they had more exclusive merchandise, and didn't have the exact same lines, but 1/10th the stock of a discount store, they'd solve their problems right there. But instead, they have the same 'ol merchandise at 15% higher prices, it sits there, then 6 months to a year later, gets clearanced at 30-50% off. Doesn't take an economics major to see the flaw in that. I remember too when KB stores were much bigger than they are now (at least in my view - maybe I'm just bigger!) and they used to be on a competitive level with discount stores. Of course, Wal-Mart wasn't the goliath it is now 15 years ago, and it's a given they've impacted smaller businesses. But KB has made too many bad judgements in recent years. I've seen those KB outlet stores too, but again, the ones I've seen are in "outlet" type settings with mostly fashion stores, and not where you'd go on your typical family shopping trip, so again - NOT getting the customer base they need.

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    maybe they should stick w/online stuff...that would save them about 50% and they could switch shippers to save money was like 7 or 8 $$ to ship limited chewie , otc , and like 5 $ to ship a 4" fig !!

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    Re: what a joke!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthAngel
    It's no wonder why most of the KB's that used to be around here on Long Island are going out of business. Oh Well!
    ha, every KB that are located in malls on LI are closed. the ones that are part of strip malls will soon meet their demise. it's not that much of a loss anyway.
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