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    Future Sets in Lego SW Game????

    I've gotten the Lego Star Wars game last week, and if you haven't seen this game. I recommend checking it out. It's surprisingly fun to play. Anyway, While playing I noticed a lot, and I mean A LOT of mini sets,and mini-figures in the game that haven't been released. Yet.?.? Maybe future sets with mini-figs of Kit Fisto, Shaak Ti, Rebel Troopers, Kamino Cloners, and others. Figure scale sets of same new ROTS ships, mini sets of the Naboo Fighter, Gungan Sub ( Bongo ), Naboo Royal Starship, and Solar Sailer. I don't know for sure, but maybe the game is giving us a look at things to come?.?
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    Re: Future Sets in Lego SW Game????

    I am looking foward to this game, have to get it soon. Hopefully they will use it to base more sets off of it.
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    Re: Future Sets in Lego SW Game????

    I think by it's very natural the game would have to include characters and vehicles that haven't made into ABS form yet. It would be a pretty boring game otherwise. As for being a vehicle to preview up and coming sets, I'm not so sure about that. Making a computer graphic is a lot different then making a real set. But that's not to say they aren't showing off ideas, whether they be past, present or future.
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    Re: Future Sets in Lego SW Game????

    It would be nice to get some of the holes filled. We could have gotten a lot more minifigs from EP1, like a Queen Amidala, Shmi, or a non-lightup Mace Windu. I'm hoping to see a return of modular sets like Jabba's Palace for some good playsets.
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