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    Worst basic fig???

    OK, we have done the favorite figure thread, now let's go the other way. Let's just concentrate on the basic figures, otherwise the BARC Trooper, AT-RT Trooper, Boga Obi-Wan, & Deluxe Obi-Wan would win this discussion.

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Padme gets my vote...ugh!!

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Of the ones I've gotten...I'd have to go with peg leg Obi Wan. The only good thing about him is you can give his lightsaber to Obi #1.

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Tarful - He is very POTF2ish

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    OK, I have several in collection that because of their action feature makes the overall figure bad. I am very pleased with most of the collection 2 figures, but I am very displeased with the likeliness of Bail Organa. I think it doesn't look anything like him. And I think HASBRO could have put something else in with the Vader Medical Droid instead of a useless stand.

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    As a MOC collector, I would say Bail or Mon Mothma, very plain figures. The others look decent in the poses.
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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    As a MOC collector, I would say Bail or Mon Mothma, very plain figures. The others look decent in the poses.
    Yeah, like I said, Bail's likeliness to Jimmy Smits is horrible. I never really though much about Mon Mothma though.

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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    I think the clone pilot is a pretty lousy figure. You can't really do much with him except sit him in the cockpit of your ARC-170 or gunship and the cannon that comes with him is pretty much useless filler.
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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Mace "Gorilla-arms" Windu get's my vote.
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    Re: Worst basic fig???

    Im Sorry But Aayla Secura. I Like The Figure Alot And She Just Does Not Want To Stand. She Falls Over All The Time.almost As Bad As The #1 Crap Figure The Battle Droids. There Legs Are So Thin That They Cant Even Support Itself. I Want The Ep1 Battle Droid Back.


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