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    The surprise hit of all time!

    Has the entire world gone mad?

    Even loose these fools are not detered:

    So what's going on here? Where were all these buyers when Maul and Jango were clogging up the pegs at my local Wal-Mart and KB Toys and Game Stop?

    Seriously, you would think these things were Kotobukiya's or something! Why in the world would anyone pay that much money for these hunks of plastic, and sellers are still pushing the "perky" Padme' thing! Like that figure didn't sit on the shelves for months upon months! Is anyone really gullable enough to believe that line?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the Unleashed line...for the most part, but wave one sucked big time, and they sat around on clearance forever.

    I just don't get it, but then I never understood why anyone would want to keep these packaged either.

    Aren't there better things, i.e. high quality and better sculpted, to spend money on?

    This is just bizarre!
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    I cant believe that. That is outrageous. People are insane.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    Hell, I stopped collecting the unleashed after the Dooku wave. I should just put all of them on Ebay and I'd get hundreds going by those prices. My Fett alone would get $100.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    Wow, thats just crazy if you ask me. I've never understood why this line does so well on the secondary market. Aside from the second Vader and the first issue of Slave Leia I've never seen a shortage of Unleashed figures at retail. Heck you couldn't give away that first wave after six months of them sitting on the shelves. They even sold so poorly that Targets (in my area at least) lost faith in the line and stopped carrying them altogether. It wasn't until the card design changed that they actually gave the line another chance.

    I don't understand the appeal of keeping these carded either. Sure the new card design is nice to look at but without opening them how can you ever really appreciate them.

    Now that I've started collecting Kotobukiya statues I'm starting to see the Unleashed line in a different light. I'm sure there are people who will say the comparison is unfair because of the price point but if someone were to ask me if I'd like 5 Unleashed figues or one Koto statue I'd take the Koto. For $15 the Unleashed figures are defintely a great value but I like the larger scale and more detailed look of the Koto's much much better.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    I'm with Hellboy on this one. I like a few of the Uleashed figures, but I hav passed up as many as I have bought.

    I have half a dozen Kotos and 3 more on preorder! They really are amazing.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    I have a couple of the unleashed figures, wave 1 vader and the new grievous, and I like them least the ones that I have. It's funny too cause I was thinking of making a shelf of unleashed sith lords and I was looking on ebay for maul and dooku and saw how expensive they were. I mean 50 bucks for a sealed one, give me a break! I actually don't own any of the Kotos, I should take a look into those and check out Vader.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    Holy cow. I like the unleashed, and in fact for the most part they have got better from the first "Maul" and "Jango" sets. I have all of them, and the ones I really like, I buy a second set to open. But I will not pay more than retail for the unleashed line.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    There are a ton of Count Dooku's hanging around my local Wal-Marts! Along with Mace, Luke X-Wing and a few others.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    The only reason why the first two waves of Unleashed are fetching that high is because they have never been repackaged on the newer Unleashed cards. Funny. Those were among the worst in the line, with the exception of Vader, and possibly Anakin.
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    Re: The surprise hit of all time!

    How about all 13 waves for only $100. Apiece.
    Another Boba for $79.
    The perverts version of "perky Padme".
    Loose Yoda and Jango for $50.
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