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Thread: 25th anni sets

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    25th anni sets

    Again I know that part of this should be in Just found but anyway....

    I found han/chewie, luke/leia sets at Wal*Mart same as the one I found the 12in luke/yoda. I like both of the anni sets but han has a gash on his neck like someone tried to slash his jugular. I was very disappointed in that. Didn't hasbro see this in production. and the paint job on leia YUCK.

    again I said I liked them, but I'm not falling over myself in love with them.

    not looking forward to the vader/ben set now

    value was okay at 14.99 ea and the stand and background pic were the redeeming qualities of these pieces.

    your thoughts?

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    Thumbs down

    I agree that they did a weak job on these sets. They coul dhave been so much better.
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    They have them at my Wal*Mart too. And I remember seeing a picture a while back where the spheres on Chewie's bowcaster were backwards. Well, needless to say, Hasbro didn't fix that.
    I don't know. They look okay, but I don't think I'll be buying them.

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    Spheres? you mean the orbs on the cross piece? Not sure what you're talkin' 'bout there buddy.

    Actually I don't have the sets yet but I'm really wanting the Han and Chewie one. It looks so cool! I probably won't bother with the Luke and Leia but vader and Ben is looking tempting too.

    One thing, why wasn't the carded Han DS escape this good? The head sculpt was terrible compared to the anniversary pack version. But with that cracked neck problem so common I worryu about the quality of these figures.

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    I think Hasbro did a supurb job on these sets! I really think Luke and Liea's only flaw is just that they are a boring set.

    Han and Chewie are by far the best. Ben and Vader will be great to see.

    That gash that Han had, really can't be Hasbro's fault entirely. There's always going to be few that gets away from them. That's why, and only if it's not the only available set/figure at the store, you inspect them for minor flaws like that. I know that sounds waaaaay anal, but I am.
    And of course, that's if you aren't online shopping for them, then it's just the luck of the draw.
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    Well, I posted my opinion under the reviwes section.

    I still think Han looks too cartoonish.

    I decided to buy these because they make good display pieces in the box. Despite the fact that the box is kinda flimsy.

    As for the Vader/Ben? I am sooo looking forward to this piece. It looks to be the best of the bunch, and I plan on getting an extra one to open.
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    I think the 25th Anniversary sets look pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the Vader/Kenobi set myself.
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    Angry nuts!

    I missed my weekly Friday shopping spree and went out yesterday. I saw the empty shelves at Target where the Anniversary Sets once sat. Poodoo! I also saw that at Target the Deluxe sets are priced at 15.99! That sucks! Oh well, I already got mine... But I ended up buying my anniversary sets(all three) at for 19.99 a piece. Not too bad.....
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    I found the Luke/Leia and Han/Chewie packs at wal-mart and got them. Funny thing is, I saw the Ben/Vader pack at Target a few days before and passed on them because to me the sculpts looked too similar to all the past sculpts of those figures.

    I like the Chewie sculpt for the most part. I don't like Hans face sculpt. I don't think it looks enough like him.

    Luke still looks buck toothed to me.

    These bad points aside, I LOVE the packaging. I just wish the price was not so high.
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    Great poses if you fave a death star scene going on, Chewie is the best, but I have not found Ben and Vader yet. I bought them as I like all original Star wars stuff. the silver anniversary celebration crap kind of got to me!


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