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    yet another classic Ebay auction

    why does this remind me of something a small dog would leave behind?
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    Re: yet another classic Ebay auction

    Man, Smo, what the hell were you searching for to find THAT?!?!?

    Great ad though, "Golden palace, you gotta see this" AKA "Hey you guys that buy all that dubious phoney crap, come and get it"

    LMAO good find Smo... I don't think it's gonna hit the reserve, whatever it is
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    Re: yet another classic Ebay auction

    I can be whole again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: yet another classic Ebay auction

    ebay: a place where anyone can put up anything, and someone will most likely buy it. what did you type in the search engine to discover that item?
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    Re: yet another classic Ebay auction

    Didn't they find this in some Wendy's chili?


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