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    Exclamation My Star Wars finds in Slidell, LA

    Hi fellow collectors in Louisiana! I have found some great Star Wars toys and collectibles on the "northshore" in Slidell, LA. I got the "Lava Reflection" Darth Vader Target exclusive on 4/2. I also got the "early bird kit" at Wal-Mart on 4/2. I mailed off for the four exclusive figures about a week ago. I also got the Target exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi with glass. I found one 12" General Greivous at Toys 'R Us on 4/3. I also got the rare Red royal guard action figure in a wire toy bin at one of the two Wal-Marts here. Also got the clone trooper, Darth Vader and Count Dooku figures too. I have the four sneak preview ROTS figures I got at Target last month. This week I got the Best Buy exclusive Darth Sidious .45 scaled lightsaber handle. It is a Best Buy exclusive, and is a "smoky" silver color. There are some very rare "gold" variations of this one out there too. Tonight I got the terrific Darth Vader red and Anakin Skywalker blue Master Replicas FX lightsabers. I love them! I recommend them to anyone that's wanted to hold in their hands the closest thing to a "real" lightsaber! I'd love to hear what other Lousiana collectors out there have found lately. Please post your responses here!
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