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    Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    If you were not able to get a Holographic Yoda during the promotional campaign, is giving you a chance to own one!

    To enter, all you have to do is be a registered Forums member and tell us what Star Wars means to you in this thread. We will randomly pick a winner from the the thread.

    We have two of them to giveaway and will give one away each week starting from 4/18 through 5/2.

    Be sure to visit your Toys"R"Us or , your destination for Star Wars toys!

    Click here for the rules and regulations.

    Good Luck!
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    Smile Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    What does Star Wars mean to me? It brings back my childhood mostly and makes me forget about all the trials and tribulations of adulthood for a short time... it brings the excitement of awaiting the next installment of the saga and the great find of an elusive item I've been searching for... it brings a smile to my face with a giddy school girl's enthusiasm every time I see and hear the opening crawl of the movies... but, more than anything it gives me something to look forward to and enjoy with my kids as they get older and can appreciate Star Wars as much as I have.

    Thanks George, for bringing us a wonderful story that we all love and can share together!

    ...and thanks Toys"R"Us and Sir Steve's Guide for the opportunity to get a Holographic Yoda figure!

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    Well, this may sound kinda lame, but here it goes:

    I, like many, grew up around the Original Trilogy. Between myself and my older brother, we had most of the toys. I wasn't old enough to see Episode IV in theaters during its original release, but saw it in the theaters when they showed it again a few years later. I did see the other 2 when they were first released. As we got older, our interests changed, and we sold all of our Star Wars toys in a yard sale. I began "collecting" Star Wars back in 1994. I started purchasing loose, complete figures from local hobby shops and other retailers that I found in magazines. In early 1996, I began collecting the new POTF2 line. I collected carded / boxed merchandise and had them displayed in a room in the basement of my home. I was a variation hunter and enjoyed hunting down all of the differnt variations that Hasbro released. Somehow, during all of this, I ended up with an extra Princess Leia (original release) and decided to open her. That was the start of me collecting another set to open. In 1999, when the Episode 1 merchandise was released, it became too expensive to continue collecting both an open and a closed set (+ variations), so I decided that I liked being able to make displays with my loose collection and focused on that. I continued collecting almost everything that Hasbro released (except for re-packs) and got to the point where I was running out of room to display. I remodeled the basement in 2000, after my son was born, and turned it into my bedroom. My Star Wars display was taken down and stored in containers. I still continued to collect, hoping that when my son got older, he would love it as much as I did. In late 2002, when Episode 2 came out on DVD, I began to introduce him to the world of Star Wars. He didn't immediately take too it (he was still a little young, he loved Bob The Builder). As he has gotten older, he has started liking older toys, such as Spider-Man, X-Men, He-Man. In the past year or so, he has enjoyed playing with my new Star Wars as I get them and open them. Every once in a while, we would get a container down to play with (I have the toys seperated into containers by movies), and he really enjoyed playing with them, because he knew that those were "daddy's special toys". Ever since the release of the Episode 3 merchandise, he has been so excited about Star Wars. I haven't even had the chance to put the toys into a container because he is always playing with them. He is so excited about wanting to see the movie. Since he doesn't a good concept of time yet, he keeps asking me every few days if it is time to see the movie. We have watched the prequels several times in the past months, so that I can help him understand what is going on, and so that he understands Episode 3 when we go see it. It makes me feel very proud and happy to see that my son is enjoying something that I enjoyed as a kid. I hope that Hasbro continues this line for a long time, because my son is just now really getting into it. I have enjoyed taking him with me toy hunting since the release of the E3 toys, and I hope that I am able to do this for several more years.

    *sorry about the length*

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    Star Wars has been an ultimate inspiration for me. With the characters involved in the films along with George Lucas and his vision. Star Wars/George Lucas has been an inspiration for myself in the fact that if you want to get somthing done, then just do it, if it fails, then make the changes for your next project and move on. This philosophy has influenced many of my life altering decisions and I have Lucas/Star Wars to thank for it. The characters in the films personify this attitude in a sense where if there is a problem, deal with in and then move on.

    On a different note, as a child, my parents were not able to buy all of the Star Wars figyures that I wanted. As an adult, I am now re-living my childhood by getting the things that I was not able to have as a kid. And I am happy to bring this to a new generation that can have the fun that I did when I was young. I can now go into the store and buy the Playskool Star Wars action figures for my 2 1/2 year old nephew and play Star Wars with him. He is remembering the names of the characters and the different accessories that go with them such as Chewbacca's gun and Luke and the Luke and the Speederbike.
    I know that Star Wars will live on forever, be it thru television series, cartoon,or short films, this is somthing that will continue to influence many many people for years to come.

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    Simply put, it is a link back to my childhood and provides an escape here in my adulthood.

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    Star Wars means more to me than any other movie that has been created. I remember going to see Return of the Jedi with my father and sister when I was young and just absolutely loving it. I have always dreamed about becoming a jedi and learning the ways of the force. When I was young, I never really had any hobbies. The only thing I wanted to do was to collect and play with my Star Wars toys. Even now, in my adulthood, I am still collecting Star Wars and displaying them with pride and honor. Everything from my original Millenium Falcon, to the new scaled replica lightsabers, they will always have a place in my home, and in my heart. I defend the movies and argue with people whenever they say anything bad about them. I take it personally. Star Wars will forever be a love and passion of mine. Even now when I look away to the future and the horrizon, I know Star Wars will always be there.
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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    What Star Wars means to me...

    When I was 7 yrs old, I recall seeing this commercial for a space movie about bad guys wearing white armor and good guys flying cool spaceships. I begged to go and had to go with my neighbor's uncle. My world was never the same after that.

    For the next seven years, every birthday, every present, every cake, every spur-of-the-moment purchase, every X-mas present, every nickel I could scrape together...all went to Star Wars. I played with them. I played dress up. I played the Atari games when they came out. Everything in my life was Star Wars. From my bedding and curtains, to my toys and cassettes.

    As I grew older, I put those things away and "outgrew" them for a while.

    In 1995 I read Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy and fell in love all over again. I started with the new action figure line that came out then and collected everything from figures to micro machines to plush.

    Then behold, word came that a new movie trilogy was in the works. I went to the midnight showing of Episode I and felt as if I was a child again, completely immersed in this universe that I was so fond of. I had read 20+ novels over the 4 years leading up to Ep I and was living it all over again.

    In 2001 I had a son. As he has grown, and seen my collection, he has acquired a passion for Star Wars as well. Now, here I am, almost 30 yrs later and I am buying and playing with Star Wars figures again. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my time, than playing with the same characters and figures that I loved as a kid, and getting to share this passion with my 4 yr old son. I still have all of my vintage figures, and every once in a while we'll get them out and compare his-to-mine to note the improvements.

    The sweetest thing that I think I have ever heard, was one night at bedtime a few months ago, as I tucked him in, I told him "sweet dreams". He asked me what he should dream about. His biggest love at the time was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I told him to dream about whatever makes him happy. I told him to maybe dream about Ninja Turtles, or Mommy or his dog, etc. He smiled and told me ok. As I walked out of his room, he said, with that quiet 4-yr-old voice, "Dream about Star Wars, Daddy". Now, I'm a grown man of 34 yrs, but I'm not ashamed to tell you that it was all I could do to keep the tears from flowing. To have him know that it was something that made me happy, coupled with the sweetness of the gesture, it really was a special memory.

    It would be hard to actually say what Star Wars means to me, but I hope that as he grows that my son is able to find the place in his heart for it as I have.
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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    In the beginning, Star Wars was an adventure. The triumph of good over evil. It was the fun and adventure of space. Now that I am older and with the new Star Wars movies, it is the tragedy of the fall of good to evil and the redemption of a father to his son. Its a little more deeper than before.

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    Aside of the obvious childhood memories, the thrill of the hunt and the escape from day to day drudgeries Star Wars holds a place in my heart because of the deeper goings on in that Galaxy Far, Far away.

    The philosophy behind everything that happens is fascinating. How George Lucas openly admits using facets of mythology and world religions, yet was able to creat a whole new mythos is amazing. The moral contradictions of the Jedi and Sith... who's right, who's wrong? The dark side has its darkest members and the light side has its brightest, but aside of those few individuals the middle is filled with varying shades of grey. And all through this the rest of the galaxy is full of those who can't grasp the idea of the "force", don't have the ability to manipulate it or could just care less about it all together... and they all continue living just the same.

    Although Star Wars is otherworldly and completely fictitious the lessons learned (or not learned) can easily be applied to real life situations. Star Wars is not just an escape from real life for me, it also provides al fresh perspective ON real life.

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    Re: Holographic Yoda Giveaway

    It means a chance at a free HoloYoda. Thanks Steve !


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