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    M&M Galactic Heroes?...

    I was surfing on Entertainment Earth today and noticed that under the Galactic Heroes line, they had M&M 2-packs listed. Does anyone else know anything about these?

    I know there are to be plush M&M Buddies, but I hadn't heard of the Galactic Heroes: Galactic M-Pire.
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    Re: M&M Galactic Heroes?...

    I haven't heard anything about them, but those would be too cool to pass up.
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    Re: M&M Galactic Heroes?...


    you can enter to win the set. They are pvcs that kinda look galactic herois, but hadn't heard if they are connected to that line. I imagine the 2 packs will be similarly packaged though.

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    ???????????? you don't know? they've been out for years! I have mace windu, (blue m&m) darth vader (yellow) darth maul (red with black lines) count dooku (blue) and many more! and are not packaged like the normal box!

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    Yeah those came out alongside ROTS and mostly peg-warmed. They were pretty cool though. I'm glad to see the Galactic Heroes finally getting noticed anyway. Maybe we'll start to see more characters and vehicles now.


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