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    Celebration III Organization

    So how well did you think Celebration III was organized?
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    The good:
    Kudos to the fan club and autograph areas and the exhibit hall. Those areas ran smoothly.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the collectors panel series in the White River Ballroom. If you didn't attend, you missed out on interesting info. To whomever organized that feature, thank you.

    The bad:
    The fan club hour-early feature worked for my buddies and I only once, and it was Sunday morning. It was nice to get into the exhibit hall 20 - 30 minutes early. But other than that, the fan club entrance was a joke. 3 1/2 hours on Thursday and 1 1/2 hours in the rain on Friday. C'mon! Someone with GenCon should've opened up more doors.

    The ugly:
    The official store. Do we need to say more? Again, my buddies waited 5 1/2 hours. Other friends waited 9 - 10 hours, and a guy I met in the hotel Sunday morning had spent 22 hours in line and still hadn't made a single purchase!

    At work, we believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. The right thing to do is to offer the store merchandise on the internet so everyone can at least have the opportunity to buy it. So, it may not be as exclusive but it's the right thing to do.

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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    Go again, but the lines sucked!

    In the end, i guess you can overlook the waiting and just remember all the good stuff. But, it is going to be hard to forget waiting in line for 3.5 hours on Saturday in the freezing wind and rain and then not being able to get anything from the Celebration Store because I was unwilling to wait another 7-9 hours for a figure, poster and program (I heard people were walking around selling the program - but I never saw them). I came to have fun; standing in line all day is not fun.

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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    Well, I plan on posting a large thred on my total experience at C3, but for now my only complaint is that the store was sold out of the special protective cases when I bought mine, so I will have to buy an acrylic case to put it in.

    I heard there were a lot of problems, but my experience wasn't tat bad.

    I was a bit upset that one of my C3 Vader's had a bent card, but I guess my daughter won't mind too much. Heck, she's probably the only 3 year old with a C3 Vader in the world!
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    Most every thing was cool, but the C3 Store and the Lines absolutely SUCKED! And there's no excuse! I heard from even moderate SW fans who had attended CII saying the worst they ever waited at the CII store was like an Hr and 1/2.

    The first day of CIII(Thurs), We got in the fan club line between 8-9am, they didn't open the doors until 12pm, and we actually filed in quickly, and walked through the doors around 1/4 of 1pm, then went straight to the C3 Store and proceeded to wait in line and didn't get my C3 Vader figs until just before 8pm when the store was scheduled to close! So my whole day was eatin' up by this lack of planning and sloppy execution! Whatever mechandisers who supplied products for the store should also be ashamed and embarrassed as well, seeing how some stuff like the DV and 3PO banks and some sizes of the Yoda Hoodie Sweatshirts were sold out within the first 3-4 hrs! Unexceptable! I mean how can you sell out of something in the first day, with 3 days left?!!! Poor Planning, that's how! All lines for most events continued to be as bad thorughout the weekend with a few exceptions!
    Overall, I enjoyed my time, but I thought the best thing of the whole convention was just wandering around talking with everyone there and taking in all the great Costumes and displays/events put on by the fans, the fans made this convention!!! Not GenCon!
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    Angry Re: Celebration III Organization

    I'll jump on this one I attended Saturday of Celebration 2 just as I did this past weekend at Celebration 3, due to time, finances, and an up in the air work schedule I didn't purchase my passes in advance (the best way to insure I can't make it is to make concrete plans, I've found) Celebration 2 -arrived at 7:00 2 hrs in line boom i'm in go straight to the C2 Store buy fig and shirt bam 1 1/2 to 2 hrs tops. whole day to enjoy the show saw SW in 30, Episode 2 footage every booth for hours my son even got to spend a while in the kids room. Great times were had by all.

    CELEBRATION 3 turns out to be the biggest Cluster F&*# ever!!!
    due to reports of massive lines as of midnight in indy my friend and i head over from cincy at 3am find a massive line and our hopes sink (we still need to buy our passes) but it turns out to be the first lucas appearance we find the fan club line, the will call line, the vender line, finally the buy pass line. it's now 5 am. we are the 6th people in line who need to buy passes but we are greeted with a sign stating 4 day and Sat pass sales are suspended. At 8 a guy comes to say there will be no sales of Sat passes unless people leave after Lucas does due to Capacity issues, but we can buy Sunday passes. can't do sunday that's why i'm here today. some of the people in front go for it others give up and go home. the guy tells us to spread the word because he won't go back the line (which now streatches around the block) and break the news. there are a LOT of upset people, but i'm stubborn so i hold out just to see. At 9ish he opens the door and mutters come in and get your saturday passes. they sell only around 300 but after we buy our passes instead of being able to stay like we were in Cel 2 we have to go outside and get at the end of the "already have passes line" which is up the steps of the RCA dome now.we get in by 10:30, cold wet etc RUN to the Cel Store line to get told it's an 8 hr wait... no way that's not possible... well it's not 8 hrs it's 5 1/2 hrs and by the time we get to the front all that isn't sold out is the figure and cases. no tshirt for the kids this time nada. So I got my 2 (1 for me and one for my son who by now is bored beyond bored) and try to run out the rest of the show and still feel like we saw something.

    So my point... CIII was very disorganized I wouldn't have felt bad if this was the 1st one and no one was sure what to expect but this was #3 Cel 2 was much better there was no reason for things to have back slided this much and they can't say Lucas made it worse because after the fist time they were pulling us out of the already have passes line to fill the other two showings...


    it was super cool to see everyone and everything tho just wish there'd been more time....
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    I didn't have NEAR the problems that a lot of people seemed to have had. I guess I must have timed everything appropriately (thank the Force). Although I did WITNESS a lot of lines and could see how there would have been problems. I was only in line for the shop for 2.5-3 hours, which I found to be rather acceptable after hearing what everyone else went through.

    I didn't make it to the George Lucas thing, which is a shame but I was put off by the people coming back to the centre at 11:00pm in the rain and cold with tents and other things. I was NOT going to deal with that BS so I opted out. I think it would have been better if they would have just rented the bloody dome and charge the attendees $3-$5 a head to hear George speak for and hour-and-a-half. They COULD have made it a no food/no drink event so there would be minimal clean-up. Oh, well...

    I didn't get turned away from any of the special programmes or events or even the shop line so-- I guess I was pretty fortunate.
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    The Good: The fact that the entire convention center was used this time, which made it seem not as crowded. The schedule of events seemed fairly well planned, allowing for people to get from one event to another.

    The Bad: GenCon did not stick to its plan of using some system to let a specific group of people into the store for a specific time period. To add insult to injury, they went out and hired idiots to operate the registers, people who needed a supervisor to process a transaction with cash AND charge. They didn't have all the registers OPEN, using only half of them (at least for the 4 hours I was 'in' the store). Then they had no clue what demand would be for what they were selling. They should have had some form of pre-sale, where items could have been chosen ahead of time.

    Gen-Cons poor relationship with conventioneers started before the convention though. When inquiring about my passes thru email, a response was sent that said to read the FAQ's. Now, they had all of our emails from the registration. They could have just sent an email that stated "pre-sale response has been overwhelming (literally), please bear with us. For questions regarding your registraion and passes please see the FAQ's."
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    i would def. attend another Celebration. but as for the lines, they could have been a lot faster. Gen Con did a bad job of maintaing the event. to have people wait outside in the rain to see G.L. is ridiculous. i was there with my friend in line for an hour and then just left, due to being drenched in rain. he stayed and at least he told me what he said. they should have had Lucas stay for the whole day, so everbody could have seen him. for god sakes, this convention was all because of him. at least give the fans a chance to see him.

    i was more pleased with seeing the Art Department that made Episode III what it is. and i got their autographs to, which is a plus.

    i missed out on seeing Ray Park. which in my opinion was the biggest let down for me. so if anyone saw that, i would be interested in hearing what he said and what he did for the hour.

    overall, it was a great expierence, but it sure knocked the hell out me. i passed out yesterday after the plane trip home.
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    Re: Celebration III Organization

    the good: meeting the SSG crew for dinner on sunday night and hanging out til the wee hours with them. i did get in to see george, and it was good! and i didn't even have to wait fourteen hours to see him...i showed up at 630 in the morning and still made the second showing! awesome! the overall experience was everything that i hoped my first con would be...i was truly disappointed when i had to leave.

    the tremendously bad: linapaloosa! the tag line, "welcome to celebration, here's the line" is an understatement. i think that when i go to c4 (and i definitely will), i'm totally making a shirt with that phrase on it...there were lines for lines for lines. i didn't think that gencon did a very good job with the orginazation of the event; there were no real advantages to being a "fan club" member because the line for "fan club" only took more than the hour alloted to "fan club" members to trickle through the one open door! why, in a building with over 50 doors, would you force 40,000 people through one entrance? the logic still astounds me! they should have opened more entrances, recruited more volunteers (with less perks ) and dealt the crowd in as quickly as possible. even if it hadn't rained like crazy, this would have been the right thing to do. the other thing they could have done was not hire temps to work the flippin' registers at the store! what the hell were they thinking? hire experienced cashiers, or, recruit from the fan base for four hour shifts. there are enough of us who would have cashiered for four hours for an extra figure or two...oh well...

    overall though, i would totally go again. the experience for me was worth every minute in line because in those lines, i met some of the coolest people who share the same love for the same things that i do!
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