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    Let's look at the bright side (really)

    I've been thinking about what we've seen (and what we haven't seen) and there may be a bright side.

    First, I note a pattern in the figures:

    Anakin, Amidala and Obi-Wan all appear to have some kind of "action feature". Obi Wan has some kind of magnet hand, Anakin has the extend-o saber and Padme has the spring up arm. Perhaps these are some sort of deluxe feature figures, with the "normal" versions of each also being part of the mix? These may be the ep 2 equivalents of the Ep 1 "deluxe" Maul, Obi and Qui-Gon. The very posed Jango may be part of this assortment as well, and maybe even the young Boba (action features aren't discernible from the photos, but that doesn't mean they aren't there). I believe many of the figure lists circulating on the net had double entries for these characters (with the possibel exception of Boba), and Sirsteve and others have intimated that Hasbro is playing to both audiences. So it may very well be that the figures we've seen are the "kiddie-oriented" versions.

    As for the Jedi, all seem to be in action poses, and have the "deflected laser blast" accessories. These might actually look good standing in a group, all holding sabres with lasers bouncing off. Maybe not ideal but not the end of the world. Better than if all the ep 1 Jedi had been molded sitting in chairs! Besides, Eeth Koth's pose didn't ruin the POTJ line--the biggest complaint was that he wasn't consistent with the Jedi already made. I think, in the end, these will turn out OK.

    The remaining figures (Typho, Tusken Raider Female, Zam Wessell, Astromech) all seem to be in (fairly) neutral poses and much more like we've gotten used to with POTJ. They are also the best-received sculpts among you collectors. I think (at least I hope) that these figures are representative of the "normal" assortment, and that similar figures of the main characters will join them.

    So don't despair just yet--we've only seen a handful (what-12?) of figures while some lists include 30 or 40 for the launch.

    And the vehicles look great!

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    I hope you're right, especially about Jango, the one in the pictures is nothing but a statue! All I really want to see now is Count Dooku.
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    I hope you right too. The figures of Typho, Tusken Raider mother & child , Zam Wessell, and the Astromech droid look good. I also think that Kit Fisto and Shaak-Ti will work out to be like what we are accustomed too. The others well, just do not work. I do not like the "action features."

    I also agree that I want to see a Dooku figure.
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