Just looking for opinions here. Do you guys think we'll ever see figures after #32 available in more mainstream stores like Amazon? Or is history gonna repeat itself and we'll never see anything new available, not even for a 12-24 hour period? Even starwars.com, after having 33-40 available for a couple days after 4/2 (overpriced, of course), have not replenished their online stores. Of course, the scalper stores seem to have them, although grossly overpriced (the tank driver actually sold out at one shop, even though it was priced at $25 + shipping!).

I was lucky enough to find Polis and the Chopper Droid at Kohls the other night, but no sign of Mas Amedda nor the "rare" Tank Driver - and I haven't seen #33-36 since I found them last week either. Now I know these haven't been released en masse yet, and I'm hoping the cases with #51-56 will have only re-packs of figures AFTER #32. However, when I see the false rarity of the tank driver (thanks to scalper prices), and the single case assortment of Tarkin, Senators, Baccara, and Mustafar Anakin on EE, I'm starting to wonder if scalper stores will be the only options, or if simple patience (wait til June/July) will pay off, even with the most popular figures. Cuz right now, the mainstream stores and amazon seem to be hopeless with hteir lack of product, and seeming unwillingness to replenish their assortments online.