Hey everyone. The Episode III line up in New York is about to kick off and in conjunction we are holding a big auction to benefit The Starlight Childrens foundation.

Serving the greater New York "Star Wars" community since 1999, NYLine(www.nyline.org) celebrates the release of the prequel trilogy films as a benefit for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation(www.starlight-newyork.org). As they did in 1999 and 2002, line members will once again take to the pavement in front of the historic Ziegfeld Theatre and participate in a 19-day "Stand-A-Thon", raising money for Starlight and earning their tickets to the midnight premiere of Revenge of the Sith. In addition to having our members raise money on their own, this year the NYLine is also having an eBay auction of rare, exclusive and exciting Star Wars collectibles that have been donated by sponsors, line members and staff. The auction takes place from April 21st to May 17th, and all proceeds go towards Starlight's Fun Center Program. Fun Centers are mobile TV/DVD/GameCube units that can roll up to a hospitalized child's bed, providing immeasurable entertainment and relief for sick children.

A catalogue of the items that will be up for bids is continuously updated at www.nyline.org/auction. NYLine will offer many unique collectibles at the auction included a one-of-a-kind 40” Statue of Liberty Jedi Knight made completely out of LEGO’s created by LEGO Master Builder, Nathan Sawaya. Other exclusive items include special Artist Proof collectibles donated by Master Replicas and the plush Jedi Mickey Beanie from Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. One line member traveled across Europe collecting Star Wars autographs specifically for this auction. There are numerous items that will be sold, many are considered high-end and very rare.

Full catalogue of items up for bids:

1. Nathan Sawaya Exclusive "Liberty Jedi" 40" LEGO Sculpture

2. Master Replicas Snowspeeder Artist Proof

3. Master Replicas ROTS Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Artist Proof

4. Master Replicas ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Artist Proof

5. Master Replicas Stormtrooper Blaster Artist Proof

6. LEGO Star Destroyer set

7. Toy Fair VIP Gala Exclusive including VIP Darth Vader Transformation Set and Gala Invitation mini-figure

8. Lucasfilm/Steve Sansweet donation, including internal LFL Episode III T-shirt and ROTS posters

9. Dark Horse Comics donation Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover Copy of Star Wars: Dark Empire II

10. NYLine Experience, including the three NYLine "Liberty Jedi" T-shirts, three NYLine badges and NYLine Souvenir Book

11. Star Wars Weekends Extravaganza, including Jedi Mickey Plush Beanie

12. Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Figures, Jorg Sacul and Talking Darth Vader (x2)

13. Hamilton Collector’s Star Wars Plates: Set of 4: Luke, Leia, Han, Vader

14. Star Wars Autograph Lot 1 - Rebel Leaders, including CII Carrie Fisher, Warwick Davis, etc.

15. Star Wars Autograph Lot 2 – Return of the Jedi, including David Prowse, etc.

16. Star Wars Autograph Lot 3 – Phantom Menace, including Ray Park, Warwick Davis, Andy Secombe, etc.

17. Star Wars Autograph Lot 4 – Attack of the Clones, including Daniel Logan, JediCon Figures autographed by Steve Sansweet & Gus Lopez, etc.

18. Star Wars Autograph Lot 5 - Imperial Officers, including David Prowse, Richard LeParmentier, Michael Sheard

19. Jedi Mickey Plush Beanie (alone)

20. Star Wars Special Edition Dutch Mini Film Frames and album

21. NYLine II - Revenge of the NYLine T-shirt (x2)

22. NYLine II JediMasterCard Badges, 1 member and 1 staff (x2)

23. NYLine III Vader Chest Plate Badges, 1 member and 1 staff (x2)

24. Lucasfilm Limited Edition Luke Skywalker Plaque, Autographed by Mark Hamill

25. Farce Wars Beanies, Set of 6

26. Return of the Jedi Sigma Ceramic Figurines
Set of 9: Luke, Leia, Han, R2 & 3PO, Lando, Wicket, Bib Fortuna, Emperor, Vader

27. Star Wars Autograph Lot 6 - Original Trilogy Interest, including Billy Dee Williams, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch, Phil Brown, ROTJ callsheets


29. Rubies Supreme Edition Collector's Life Size Yoda Replica

The line starts on April 30th and goes until May 18th, when we'll enter the Ziegfeld Theater a few hours before the now sold-out premiere of Revenge of the Sith. We wait in shifts of your choice, and line members have to earn a certain number of points in order to qualify for their ticket. All of this is being done as a fundraiser for our beloved charity, the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation www.starlight-newyork.org www.nyline.org/donate.

Tickets for Episode III went on sale Friday, and the midnight screening of ROTS at the Ziegfeld Theatre sold out in a matter of hours. But even though the premiere showing has sold out, we still have spaces available for new registrations! At this time we have roughly 100 slots open for new members to earn a ticket to the 12:01 show of Episode III at the Ziegfeld on May 19th, and help raise money and awareness for our fantastic charity, the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation! Check out our shift schedule to see what it takes to be an NYLine member, I think you'll find that the commitment is not exactly Jedi-esque.

NYLine III looks to be the biggest and best Star Wars bash this side of the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. Among the many benefits awaiting NYLine members is a gift bag of items upon first signing in, that include fun products donated by some of our sponsors, and a neighborhood survival guide that we've created so you won't feel like you don't even know which planet you're on when you reach the line. Also, during EVERY shift, prizes will be handed out to line members (either contest winners, or just by picking a name out of some Darth Vader helmet).

If you haven't registered yet, sign up now(www.nyline.org/register)! And if you are not able to join the party, please read about our connection with our beloved charity, the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation - and please please please donate to our cause! You can do so online at www.nyline.org/donate