Just like the title says, who do you feel are the top 3 worst lead vocalists ever in a rock band and why?

Here are my choices.

3. Paul Stanley: KISS -KISS always felt more like a stage show/gimmick than a band to me and Stanley's vocals are so off key at times it almost seems like a joke. I've often wondered if his position as the bands frontman was obtained by default considering the other band members vocal talents, or lack there of.

2. Fred Durst: Limp Bizkit -While the band actually has had some talent, namely the departed Wes Borland, ole' Fred Durst's vocals are some of the most annoying and whiny I've heard in recent memory. His off the mike antics don't help his already overexposed and overrated image either.

1. Scott Stapp: Creed -This Eddie Vedder wannabe is not only a terrible lead vocalist but a pompous arse to boot making it all the easier to hate the guy. Creed as a band comes off as hypocritically preachy and are too damn serious for their own good.