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    I just got #33, #35, #36

    YES!!!! Palpatine with red lightsaber (yes,they changed it), I think the blue lightsaber will be worth money, red clone trooper, and exploding Grevious!!!! At Walmart. Best place to get Episode III merchandise!!!

    Also, the 33-40 figures are out there, but who here else has got them?

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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    I got that Palpatine too, the red lightsaber is better. I don't like his lack of articulation though, or the action feature. Hopefully we'll get a super poseable Palpatine someday. I picked up Unleashed Grevious today, really cool.
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    only seen #40 here in kansas city.... yet i've seen #40, 4 times now, and walmart actually had 2 last night . . i seem to be JUST missing the few figs i want from 33-40 . . which is ok.. that what makes this fun =)

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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    i picked up 34,39,and 40 today when i went into work and have had 35 (w/blue saber) for a couple of weeks now. i picked all of these up at wal mart and i must be missing figures too. but i look and all stores should be getting more cases soon because they are in the new sales paper for may. keep your eyes peeled!!
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    I found Palpatine with the blue saber a couple of days ago and didn't have the money to get him. I hid him on the back row and planned on getting him today. Today I went and my local walmart had put out a new batch of figures and there were three more #35s, two with blue sabers and one with red.

    I understand the blue one is the scarcer of the two so I got that one and the Polis Massan Medic.
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    I found 34, 35(blue saber), 38, and two Clone Commanders. I also saw Polis Massan at Walmart. I was really hoping to find the AT-TE Gunner. Oh well..
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    I got up to 40 now.
    FOund red palps today along with 5 commanders, 2 pilots and polis massan
    I got the blue saber palpy a few weeks back.
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    Own figures 1 through 36 and 40, still hunting down 37, 38 and 39.
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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    apparently we all need to get to target SOON .. the clone trooper seems to be hitting the shelves =\ (exclusive)

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    Re: I just got #33, #35, #36

    My Wal-Mart finally got on the ball and STOCKED #32-#40. They had tons the other day, and I was finally able to get Red Lightsaber Palpatine*

    * Cool toy! Usually I hate it when the legs are stuck in position -like his. I dont mind a whole lot on this one. The extra head and hands are sweet!
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