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    Why no Toddler clothes?

    I'm probably the only one that is angry at this, but why is there a disctinct lack of Toddler-sized SW stuff?

    They have the Jedi Force and Galactic Heroes figures that sell like mad, and I've seen Yoda and the Droids in shoe form for the littlest set, but yet I can't find a T-shirt for my son to save my life!
    He is a SW fiend, and has actually brought me back into the fold as a SW nurd. I just bought an "Extra Small" Darth Vader shirt from the "kids" section at Wal-mart today, but I think even that is going to be too large for him. Oh well, I guess he'll grow into it. :P
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    Re: Why no Toddler clothes?

    At Hot Topic website,, and probably in stores too, are a couple toddler t's and baby bodysuits. Not a big selection, but, meh.


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