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    Finally getting a replica!

    If everything goes well this weekend I will be getting either the ESB Vader replica or the Maul replica, but I will definitely be getting at least one this weekend! I can't wait, my first replica after so many years of wanting one. I would prefer the Vader one, but since I do want Maul's as well, I'll take it!
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Are you getting the full-scaled limited edition or the scaled replica?
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Going for the full scale, not the scaled "mini" ones. I really wish I could do both, but money being what it is, there isn't that much of it. That's even if the deal goes through. It may not, so I might not be getting anything, but I'm pretty confident i will.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Well unfortunately the deal fell through on both and I end up with nothing.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    If it makes ya feel better, I dont have any either. SOrry to hear the bad news.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    If it makes ya feel better, I dont have any either. SOrry to hear the bad news.
    It's kinda my fault for not just jumping on the deal and just getting one. I had a gurantee chance of getting the Darth Maul one, but I really wanted the Vader one. So I was holding out to see if the Vader one would come through, but it didnt, and when I found that out the Maul one already fell through, so I lost on both. Oh well, just have to keep searching for them and a good deal.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Don't worry, I don't own one either. I really want the Stormy blaster, but out of my price range at the moment.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Sorry to hear the deals fell through megaprime33. But there will be others. I own 8 Master Replicas and worth every cent (which is a lot!). I actually got several of them on deals -brand new too!

    For what its worth, get a replica that you personally want. Then save and go for it! You wont be dissapointed
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    You know, I actually did just recently purchase a MR and was suppose to get it last thursday, but get this, UPS said that it was delivered last thursday at 9:30 am. I get home from work at 5:30pm and I don't see a package. I go back and forth with the seller, who seems to be helpful and willing to do whatever to track down my package, so that's good. So now there is an investigation going on with UPS and the driver is going to go and retrace his steps and talk to neighbors and all that jazz. At this point I just want my money back. Obviously I would rather have the saber, but....who knows.
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    Re: Finally getting a replica!

    Ok, I take back everything I just said. It just arrived today and is now sitting atop my desk shinning brightly with a few darth vader figures around it. Ahhhh
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