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    Question possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In case you missed the title, this thread is a SPOILER!!!!

    Any way, has anyone seen the rots comic #3? in the comic Quinlan Vos is detailed a little. Any body think we'll see a figure in the future?

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How is that a spoiler? And unless he appears in the actual movie, I doubt we'll ever see a figure of him. Hasbro hasn't really been very impressed about the sales of EU figures in the marketplace. Hence why there is very few of them.

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well,since the comic is the adaptation of the movie I think it is a good chance he may be featured, albeit for a small part. Hence the spoileer part- it's kinda good to give people a heads up if it might have anything from the movie.

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that would be a really cool figuer! just dont make him without any articulation!

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought he was just in the BG like other EU stuff in the movies (The Outrider in ANH SE)...

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well that would be amazing. I would love to see him in the movie and get a figure of him.
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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, he kind of is in the background but i dont want to irritate any one by saying what part he is in. But he does have his own scene, no dialogue or anything though.

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    Re: possible figure-SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, here's the spoiler...(DON'T read if you don't want to know!!!)
    Highlight to read...

    He is in the movie. It's a brief shot that shows him being killed by the very clones he commands!

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