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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    I didn't even get in! I drove 5 hours up there on sat morning, got there at 8 am, stood OUTSIDE for over 2 hours, and they said they weren't selling passes anymore. There was no way for me to get in the convention, let alone the store! It was a disaster and I was really disapointed in the orginization and staffing.

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    Mabs, you aint kidding. I would have raised hell if I waited in line and they said we are closed. I would have slept in front of the store just to get a figure.
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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    The store was quite ridiculous. Waiting 4 1/2 hours in a line really does sap the life out of you. One thing is for certain, between waiting in line to get in AND waiting in the store line, all other line-waiting will seem like light work.

    On a positive note, I did get two Vader figs plus shirts.

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    I had dinner in the main exhibit hall, and right by the tables were some doors. Apparently they lead right into the store, but I didnt chance it, I woulda gotten kicked out, and more importantly, i woulda missed ESB.

    Too bad theres no place to complain about this, maybe if we nag enough theyll throw us a few figs to get us the shut up about the matter

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    Yea, on Saturday, they revamped the line but it had a point where it said seven hour wait. No thanx. I'll take my chances on ebay. I got myself a cool CHICAGO FORCE t-shirt. That is where C3 should have been. But Mayor Daley would charge an arm and a leg. The venue was waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too small. The cele was way too congested for EVERYTHING!!!!
    They need to stop using Gen Con cuz their cheap. It was ran horribly. Indianapolis is planning on building a bigger venue cuz tons of organizations have threatened not to return because the venue is so small.
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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    Ya since the Colts are getting a new stadium, they are also adding onto the convention center.

    Hopefully if theres ever another sw convention, theyll have it back here in indy

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    Yes, the store caused a lot of grief among the masses. It was strange, because of pre-order badges, they should have gotten a rough estimate of the number of people who were going to attend, but you wouldn't of realized it.

    A couple of things they could have done:

    a) hired professional retail people - The store was operated by mostly volunteers, and many were a bit slow in their transactions, with getting the merchandise, packing it, using the register, etc. Even someone like me, who took me 30 seconds to place my order, it took about 5 minutes to get my stuff (and they didn't have that far to go to get it).

    b) more registers - simple enough

    c) had a separate line for figures only - would have herded the cattle faster.

    d) take orders while you were at a certain point in line (like near the registers) so you can get your stuff faster.

    e) tell George Lucas that people had to wait in line for 8 hours to give him money - I laughed out loud when I heard a fan say this.

    I understand the frustrations of many. We had to get up at 5 a.m. to get the figures, and there were about 500 people ahead of us. Some people spent their whole trip in line. Capping the line off early in the day, deflated a lot of people.

    One thing that pleased me, was they did create quotas on the figures per day, so that they wouldn't have sold out all within the first day or two. This allowed people who came in on the weekend to get a chance to get them.
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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    I didn't attend CIII, but at CII it was much the same experience. I got lucky though, as I was a fan club member, plus I was also a badge check person, so I volunteered for 10 to 12 hours that weekend doing badge check, I was able to get in early, and even that was a bit of a wait, then when I got up to the counter, the credit ccard machines were not functioning. I haven't heard from my friend who attended, if he was able to get me a Vader figure or not. Sorry to hear about the problems with the store, I thought they would have it running more efficiently this year.

    Did anyone here get one of my autographed trading cards? I'm TK-523, LMK if you did. I only sent out 100 of them to the convention.
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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    I also found found many problems with this years C3 and figures etc, first of all why is there just one store? theres plenty of room to have multiable stores maybe on diffrent levels to break up some of the lines.? When I went to C2 it was worse mainly due to the way the figures were sold "first come first served" atleast this year there were some limits on how many could be bought. I was just able to attend C3 for one day myself so time was an issue definately espically when i was wating in all the lines etc, I was able to get one auto graph after that i was to angry to go on. on a lighter note..... around 3pm on saturday at the Hall there was this woman dressed at "prisoner Liea" all i can say is haha

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    My thoughts were this, there was no way I was wasting an entire day there just to get a figure or momentos. I had plenty of pictures and memories to remember it by. I would like the Vader figure, but I could not justify waiting in that line, over doing something cool like seeing Lucas, Billy Dee, or watching the 30 minute and one man show.
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