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    thoughts on the c3 store

    One word to describe this: disaster.
    I could only go yesterday which wasnt a big problem for me, but seeing as how the store was closed from 1030 on was preety amazing. Although i had a preety fun day, this kinda put a damper on things.

    I know that all the clothes will be on in about 2 weeks, but i have no clue on the figure.

    Anyone else not make it in the store?

    PS: if anyone happens to get an extra vader, PM me, we can work something out, whether it be a trade or transaction thru paypal

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    So does this mean that people are having a tough time finding the CIII Vader at the CIII store? I really hope that JJL can still come through with one for me.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    hah! finding it wasnt the problem, getting in was. I got to the store around 10:30, and according to the event staff guy there, there was already about 7,000 people in the store. They stopped allowing people due to the fact the fire martial came and said no more people could come in.

    there were enough people in there that buy the time everyone was served, it would 8pm and time for the store to close.

    It was all those people with the fan club passes that could get in an hour early, and basically most of them headed over to the store.

    Owell, I guess ill find another way to find the figure. But wasting a whole day in line is like paying $15+$40 (I had a single day pass), to get a figure.

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    ok. i left the convention early because i needed rest after my little fun this morning...
    anyways, we got in the building on thursday at about 12:30 or so. we went straight to the store, which line was already back beyond the fan club lounge. we then waited 5 1/2 hours to get that blasted figure. too much talk from the volunteers as they had idle chit chat with every customer and were as rude as can be. i got a figure ans so did my dad. i opened mine just because i wanted it out and we already had one in the pack.

    i know one thing from this "adventure" i will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. EVER.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    If you think that is bad you should check out ebay. Entire cases of CIII Vaders are being auctioned off for close to $1000 each.
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    Re: thoughts on the c3 store

    they should of:

    a) staffed the store better

    b) make one big store for figures and such and several little stores around the center for clothing ( I wouldnt of mined walking away w/ a hat or shirt)

    There also seemed to be alot more people there than there was a c2.

    If i could describe the day in a photo, it would be this one:

    PS: I just went all my figs I got from c2. If anyone happens to have an extra vader, and they dont have/want a george sacul, send me a PM. Cards are in good condition.


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