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    Infant Luke & Leia?

    Is there any interest in 3 3/4"-scale versions of Infant Luke and Leia? Hasbro's denied an Obi-Wan with Infant Luke accessory, but that doesn't eliminate a two-pack (like the AOTC Jedi Library Droids) or a Padme with both twins (they could even do some sort of variant, like the ROTS Royal Guards, where it's the same Padme, but she can either come with Luke or Leia -- then we'd have to buy both! Way to go, Big Business!!) Anyway, I'd love to see them in my collection and I was wondering if I'm alone.

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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    Im sure they will make them. Just a matter of time, trust me.
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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    Maybe we'll see some infant Skywalkers eventually. I figured we'd have a basket full of baby Ewoks by now though too.

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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    I like the idea. I really hope we see them sometime.

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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    I want them, and hope Hasbro doesnt sleep on it.
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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    A basket full of baby Ewoks, hahaha....

    I have no interest in babies.
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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    Even though you are joking I have always wanted baby ewoks as well.
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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    My son would like the babies, and I'm sure many others would like them for dioramas. I hope they make them.
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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    I would expect to see these figures in some form, especially after they made a Tusken Raider mother and baby that were barely in the film.

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    Re: Infant Luke & Leia?

    Heck, I'd buy them in an instant. Who wouldn't want baby Luke and Leia figures?
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