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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Let's see... (in no particular order)

    Obviously the most fun was had meeting you guys. Nothing like putting faces with names, and sharing stories and laughs with each other.

    Meeting Amy Allen and talking with her for a bit. She was quite surprised and thought it was cool that I brought both Aayla Secura 3.25" figs and the Unleashed for her to sign. Also got her to sign one of the pictures available there and got my picture taken with her.

    Seeing Warwick Davis onstage and offstage. First I saw him offstage signing the lifesize origami stuff, which was cool. Then I saw him onstage with Jake Lloyd and then later with the Jedi of AOTC/ROTS (Zach Jensen, Amy Allen, Orli Shoshan, Mary Oyaya, and Zach's brother - can't remember his name). Overall, Warwick is a cool guy. Before C3, I didn't think much about him being there, but at C4 (if it happens), I'll be catching any show he puts on.

    As mentioned, I saw the Jedi of AOTC/ROTS (event was called Jedi Action). This was a great one to catch. Not only was Warwick a great host (and funny), but the actors/actresses that were present were a nice treat. Overall, I liked Zach Jensen of the bunch. Amy Allen will always be a favorite along with her Character (Aayla Secura), but Zach really seems like a great guy. He was probably the most outgoing person that was onstage (aside from Warwick). And from what I've heard, he's really cool outside of the show as well. I even got to see Amy Allen and Zach Jensen standing around in front of the Exhibit hall taking pictures and talking with people. It was short lived as they wanted to head out for dinner, but it was cool to see them outside of a show and talking with fans. I was SO close to getting a picture with both of them, but right before we got a chance, they said they had to bail. I'll catch em next time.

    The Rick McCullum Spectacular was also great. Sure it showed enough of the movie to spoil some things, but it was a great visual treat. And the bonus footage showing off how they made some of the scenes was awesome. Thanks Rick!

    The SW Musical was pretty funny, although I was hoping it would span all 3 OT movies (it only covered ANH). They did a good job though and I was glad I caught it.

    The one-man SW show was awesome. That will never be forgotten. He did an amazing job doing all 3 OT movies by himself, in a row. Even through phone-cell interruptions and such, he still kept us laughing and put on a great show. Heck, he didn't even stop for the interruptions. Instead he merged them into his skit and made fun of it at the same time.

    Also, the exhibits and fan booths were great. The Droid racing was fun to watch. Seeing all the people in costume (and being in costume myself) made the trip that much more fun. I even got Matt Stover's autograph in the ROTS book he wrote (along with a Jedi spoiler that I won't read til after I see the movie). All I can say is, C3 may have ended, but I'm already working on my next costume........a Stormtrooper and/or Clonetrooper (ROTS style Clone that is). I'm hoping to be with the 501st by then and plan to be a Volunteer for C4 as well (if it happens).

    The worst time vote goes to Thursday. I spent all of it in line. 2-3 hours to get into the place, and another 7-8 in line at the store. The main bonus was that I got all 4 vaders, 4 cases, topper set, 2 posters, black vader t-shirt, and C3 program guide. Downside is that I wasted an entire day getting them. Next year I will plan better (get in line early so the store line is shorter).

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    I got in the line straightaway so my wait was only 3 hours. I picked up the four Vaders... cracked one open. It's sweet. I also got the toppers and #220 of 500 on the plush Yoda (also out of the plain brown box).

    I enjoyed the whole event. Star Wars in 30 was hilarious as was The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy. I can't decide which one I enjoyed more! The Ian McDiarmid interview was fantastic event though it was on tape.

    The Rick McCallum Spectacular with the preview footage almost made me weep. Having Rick sit next to me and shake my hand was sorta cool. Help, Caesar... I've been infected!!!BTW-- be sure to stay tuned for a very special surprise from me and Dar.
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