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    Favorite events at C3.

    I would say number one was getting to meet all you that I seen there and got to hang out with. For the con itself, the Rick McCallum spectacular and the SW in 30 minutes was HISERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expecially the potrayal of Jabba
    One word on that- sickandwrong!!!
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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    I would say that my favorite part was standing in line for 7 hours to get my Darth Vader figures


    I truly enjoyed seeing all of the fans and the creative efforts that they went to to make up the costumes. I didn't get the opportunity to see the SW Spectacular or the 30 minutes but I enjoyed all of the interesting panels on collecting that they had in the White Hall. Great Job people!

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Yes, the Star Wars Trilogy in 30 minutes will certainly stand out in my mind as memorable. The cheesy props, rushed dialogue, and unique costumes contributed to the fun. The actor troupe deserves props because they put on several shows, and after a while, I can see it as getting very tiring.

    The Rick McCallum presentation on III was short, but informative. Rick actually didn't come off as a pompous arse as he does at times, and gave substantive answers and explanations. The trailer was sweet (and very loud )

    Watching the younglings take on Vader in the Burger King sponsored show was also priceless.

    My final event, watching AOTC on big screen was also memorable, not for the movie, but for the scores of fans who would shout memorable one-liners during certain key scenes of the movie.
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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Star Wars the Musical, Hands down. The rest of the time, I just spent shopping...

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Here are my memories: I left Chicago at 3:30am on Saturday and arrived around 6:30. There is nothing more cool than driving up to the convention center and having a stormtrooper direct traffic "Move along, move along". After standing in line in freezing wind and rain for 3.5 hours (why did I cancel my fanclub membership?), not getting a bracelet to see George Lucas and then seeing that the line for the Celebration Store was over 7 hours long, I swear I had had enough. After going through the Exhibit Hall and seeing that everyone was selling the same old stuff that was in the stores, I was feeling really down, so I retreated to the skywalk swearing I wasn't going back. I'm walking towards the entrance to the skywalk I heard that old familiar music and saw a Scout Trooper waving stragglers into the main ball room. He waved me on in too, just in time to see George Lucas take the stage! From that moment on; everything changed. I picked up my fiancee (who couldn't handle the Hoth like temps herself) and we went back down and had an awesome time. I picked up all the Battle Arenas, my fiancee talked a vendor down to $40 for a talking Vader (hey, it was worth not standing in line for) and we took in the AOTC showing, the musical and the One Man Star Wars Show, which had us laughing the whole time. That guy was truly amazing. All in all though, I really think the best part is just going and experiencing being around thousands of other people who are just like you. I've never dressed up or anything like that, but I really commend those who do. Some of the outfits are really outstanding and that just all adds to the magic. In the end I was sad to leave and I hope they continue having these, because I'll be right back there again.

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    For me it was getting to see George Lucas in person! Yes! And I actually got to see him twice! I waited outside in the freezing rain storm for 5 hours and got in to see his first appearance! I lucked out a while later and got sweped up into the rush of people running to get into the 3rd show.

    Other highlights include...

    Seeing A New Hope on the big screen there, in Digital Projection!

    Seeing Master Replicas and Gentle Giant's displays. There were incredible to see!

    Scoring the Sandtrooper Mini Bust and Obi-Wan Lightsaber Exclusives!

    Meeting Tem Morrison, Ray Park and a lot of other great actors!

    Orli Shoshan -I think I fell in love!
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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    hmm.. for me C3 was my favirote event

    Seeing ESB was preety cool

    and of course the Macullum spectacular (those 6 minutes of footage were amazing)

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Well, for me, the best part of the convention itself, was the 30 minute show, and the one man show. Both of those were priceless. I actually got to talk to a few of the 30 minute actors after the second time I saw it, and they were all very nice, and cool.

    Also, it was great meeting my fellow SSG'ers, including the man himself.

    I lucked into one of the Lucas showings. I was trying to find the line for the Billy Dee show, and my friend said he had an extra bracelet, and asked if I wanted to give it a try. We got cut off for the show we were in line for, but luckily, there was one last show. So we got to sit about 3rd row in center for the Lucas show. As much as he has disappointed me lately, I still have to say that I really enjoyed it.

    I also loved the Billy Dee show. He was so drunk/doped it, it was hilarious. But me being a big Lando fan, it was still a special treat.

    My wife was pretty miserable the whole trip, because she isn't a big Star Wrs fan, and the lines really got her in a foul mood. I tried to warn her about it, but she wanted to come anyway.

    I'm going to try to upload some of my pictures shortly.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Here's a link to a photo album with most of my CIII pictures. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many, because my wife disappeared with my camera for a while. But, I like some of the ones I did get.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Re: Favorite events at C3.

    Cool pics LIMP ! Now if only 12Inch would log back on to share his recap as well.

    Nice Slave Leia pic, that's exactly the kind of shot I would have taken. Did you tell her that you like her mole ? (Look again)

    Ahhh that X-Wing pilot standing between you and wifey, is it just me or does he look a bit like that guy from the Drew Carey Show and Office Space . . . Diedrich Bader ? Maybe just a bit ?


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