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    Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Just picked up a few 5-Packs of these at Target tonight. I was intrigued because the cases are identical to the one included with the Lava Vader figure with one shortcoming: the background image of Vader's helmet in the fiery lava (like the Lava Vader figure) is only one per pack. Why they didn't include one for each case is frustrating. Also, they are $9.99 for each 5-pack. They are seriously overpriced. For ten bucks I should get 10 cases... it's that simple. And the cases do nmot fit very well over the Revenge of the Sith blister cards very well, in fact, the cardboard peg hook will easily get bent inside of the case as happened to my Lava Vader figure.
    I applaud Hasbro for making these avalailable to collectors but it kind of missed the mark. My advice: Wait for clearance. I'm sure these will be marked down to $1.94 within 3 months.

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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Why buy them at all if they don't fit? Star Case makes one for ROTS cards, they fit and are 1.25 each.
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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Star Cases may make something that at least fits but frankly I'm not impressed with the design of the case. What I did like about the Hasbro case was the fact that it was similar to the OTC Vintage cases and has the embossed Revenge of the Sith logo on the back. Once I snapped the case over a figure though, I realized that it wasn't big enough to go over the blister peg hook withough bending or warping. I then looked at my Lava Vader figure to inspect and noticed that the blister hook was also bent. All this time I had a Lava Vader figure that was in less than mint condition and never noticed. Now I'm

    I only opened one pack and tried it on a few figures. I may end up returning the other pack for a refund. As for the Star Cases, I'd rather just buy some storage totes to put my figures in.

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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    If they dont fit the figs, why buy em at clearance time? Do they fit older figures?
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Actually, just tried to fit an OTC fig in it. No way. Too small. These are worthless. I'm taking them back. Even the opened box. I'll complain if I have to get my money back. Man, it was a great idea but obviously not executed right. I'm really disappointed. I wonder if most of the Lava Vader's out there are affected by this. Just when I thought Hasbro was really responding to the Collector market.

    Here's a few examples. The first image is my Lava Vader. As you can see, the peg hook on the blister has warped and bent inside of the tight case. The second image is a figure that I carefully encased inside of one of the Target cases. It was a TIGHT fit and I'm sure over time it will begin to warp and crease just like the Vader figure.
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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Here's a question for you. Do you have a Target Clone to compare with? Apparently the clamshell that comes with the Clone is larger than the one that comes with Vader, and additionally, it's much sturdier too. I had no problems fitting other ROTS figures into the shell that came with the Clone. I wonder if the 5-packs are the smaller size?!

    My Vader fits fine in the Clone just doesn't have that cool "1 in 50,000" orange stickers.

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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Where did you get your Lava Vader figure Crunchy? It should have the sticker on the case. Did you order yours online?

    Haven't found the Target Clone Trooper yet. The cases are the SAME size as my Lava Vader case. If Hasbro fixed it for the Clone Trooper but produced the cases off the old Vader mold, that really sucks. Obviously they were aware of some packaging problems and "fixed" it for the Clone Trooper. I'll bet they already had the cases produced and ready to ship so instead of doing a recall, they let them go. Man, there's gonna be a LOT of angry collectors out there and I'm one of them!

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    Angry Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Be careful target is not collector friendly at all. They wont stock when they are low and if you get a figure or ship that is damaged or broken they wont take it back.The lava reflection Vader is pretty hard to get almost as bad as the clear yoda.Target seems to miss one point all or most of this stuff will be clearance within three months .So you can sell it to me now at full price or you can **** me off and I will come back when your clearance stuff at 75 percent off your choice.I hate target almost as much as toys-r-us they both pretty much discriminate against collectors.But collectors should be considered customers.

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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Well this isn't good news. I just picked up a few Target exclusive Clone Troopers and was really impressed with the clamshell. I figured this package of Collector's Cases was going to be exactly the same but I guess not.

    Quote Originally Posted by decadentdave
    Where did you get your Lava Vader figure Crunchy? It should have the sticker on the case. Did you order it online?
    He just removed his Vader from it's original case and used the Clone Trooper case instead. The difference between the two (besides the sticker) is Vader's case has a single hole on the top for peg hanging while the CT's case has the standard "J" peg. Vader's case also has bubbles under the front of the case so it can stand where the CT case is more in line with the style of the VOTC clamshells. The CT case also has a much sturdier build, nowhere near as brittle and thin as the Vader case was.
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    Re: Revenge of the Sith Target Collector's Cases

    Quote Originally Posted by eshulmire
    Be careful target is not collector friendly at all.
    I really doubt that they'd refuse to give you a refund if you returned something that was defective, as long as you had your receipt.

    I know you're PO'd at Target because they wouldn't bring stock out from the stockroom for you--and it's agreed that they could/should have been a lot cooler about it--but their policy isn't a new thing, so don't go acting so shocked.


    I haven't seen any of these (I didn't bother with the lava Vader either) but I'll bet that a new version of the case is on the way. The price sucks though, I'll be sticking with Star Case.


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