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    Attack of the Edit

    Phantom Edit for Attack of the Clones
    by Joshua Griffin

    Many fans can remember a version of Episode I that was edited to remove Jar Jar and other "wrong" scenes from The Phantom Menace (click here). Well, the Phantom Editor strikes again, and I've got a newly-revised copy of SW2 to watch on the plane on the way back to the OC. The Editor wrote this note on the disc:

    As before, I do not wish this to be viewed as an attack on the motion picture industry, an allegiance with motion picture piracy or even an attack on artist's right.My "proactive criticism" is aimed only at one filmmaker - George Lucas.For years Mr Lucas practiced the re-editing of other director's works as an act of "proactive criticism" suggesting changes where he felt the director had gone off page from the original storytelling ...

    ...And he did so by re-editing his own version of the director's film. Hmmmm ... Sound familiar?
    So please let the entire contents of the DVD serve as my proactive criticism of where I feel George Lucas has gone off page - not only with the storytelling integrity of this film, but the integrity of a beloved piece of film history.

    Note: no profit is generated from the creation of this DVD ... And let's keep it that way!

    -the phantom editor

    Now, people have long been trying to figure out just who this person is. We still have no idea, though we're anxious to see where the cuts and adjustments to the film have been made. Stay tuned!
    Not sure what I make of this.
    I felt the first one was blown way out of proportion.

    Last time it was mainly Jar Jar edits, this guy probably just cut he love scenes this time.
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    Re: Attack of the Edit

    A) This has been done before, it's called the IMAX version.

    B) This guy comes across as way too bitter for me and I find him to be a joke.
    Okay dude, yes GL has hacked up Kersh and Marquand's movies but it's not like it was 20th CF doing it but rather the man pulling the strings on the project so take it down a notch.

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    Re: Attack of the Edit

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Okay dude, yes GL has hacked up Kersh and Marquand's movies but it's not like it was 20th CF doing it but rather the man pulling the strings on the project so take it down a notch.
    GL didn't hack up anyone elses projects. Lucas was still the executive producer so therefore, they are his movies, his visions. He calls the shots (and, as I've heard, Lucas pretty much ghost-directed ROTJ because Marquand was so inexperienced about making movies like that). When a movie wins an Academy Award, who excepts the award? The producers because they pay for it. So, with that being said, Lucas has all rights to do whatever he wants to those movies.

    Besides, who said that Kershner didn't give his blessing anyway. He appeared on the DVD commentary so there must not have been any hard feelings. Also, I wouldn't consider showing more of the wampa, putting the correct Palpatine in the hologram scene, and making the final scene of the saga more fitting for a wrap up a hack job.
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    Re: Attack of the Edit

    I have to agree with Imperial Monarche! WHile I think GL got trigger happy on a few lil bits and piece in the original trilogy re-hashes... I still think he made ROTJ better by adding and re-editing the ending. While the ORIGINAL ewok victory was cute in 1983, as an adult I felt it lacked the "grand finale" feel a six part saga should have. I am very happy with the new ROTJ ending.


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