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    Just Got my OTC Sandcrawler - "So So"

    Hey all. I ordered this thing through SouthernIsland way back in the day, for the relatively low price of 39.99. I wouldn't have bothered, but for the new droid pack-in figure. Long story short, it was shipped to my brother in Cleveland, who then moved (while the box was en route) to Minnesota. UPS had to re-ship the package to his new residence where it sat upon arrival for nearly a year. Cut to Friday, I finally picked up the box. Today, I opened it with my son and we've been having a good look at it for the past hour.


    The presentation of the boxed vehicle is quite nice. You see all the good points without having to deal with the negatives. The box is windowed in the front, on the top and at the ends - to allow a good look at 4 of the vehicles 6 sides. The paintjob looks very nice in the box against the detailed Tatooine backdrop.

    All three figures are displayed "standing" outside the Crawler, the small Jawa separate from the Droid and larger Jawa who are toward the rear. No weapons are visible in the bubbles (that's because they weren't included - but I'll get into that a little later). The droid is an apparent repaint of the Death Star droid, this time he's a worn golden colour.

    The "Previews Exclusive" sticker is the only real detraction from the boxed product, it's quite large and (being blue and pink) quite at odds with the packaging. If you could get this thing off without mucking up your front window, you'd have just a lovely piece to display packaged - as nice (in my opinion) as the Slave I with Boba Fett - if not a little nicer.


    To be quite blunt, I'm not thrilled. Here are a list of detractions that lead me to this opinion:

    1) The large door, when folded down doesn't come anywhere near reaching the floor, shelf or whatever you have the Crawler displayed on. Also, the inside of this door is not painted, and really stands out when opened. I wouldn't care as much, but the rear of the box shows a nicely painted door, opened to ground level so that your figures can get in and out without difficulty. Completely not the case.

    2) The Jawas don't have the OTC paint job, and they don't have their blasters.

    3) The new Droid is cast in the rubbery plastic. I almost felt like his neck peg was going to let go when I got him out and was trying to move the joints. It felt like it twisted a good 90 degrees before finally moving through it's range. Not a great figure - in fact it's not even a good one.

    I'm solving my problems with this ship by displaying it closed with the new droid standing out front. The Jawas are in the cockpit, hidden from view.

    All in all, if you were going to buy this thing - get a deal on it.

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    Re: Just Got my OTC Sandcrawler - "So So"

    (Wow. That's a crazy long time to wait for this thing.) Well, I'm glad you got a deal on it. Reading your review makes me feel better that I decided not to open mine.


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