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    Talking C3 Vader @!

    Don't know if this is the right thread, but just wanted to let everyone know that the C3 Exclusive Vader is available to order online for 19.99. Pretty steep, but I picked up one! Just thought you all would like to know.

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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    It was 15 + 2-3 dollars for the case at C3
    So minus the plane ticket or gas money, registration fees, time, etc.
    I think it's a pretty sweet deal.
    I quit collecting in 2002 because of school (student loans), I started back in 05. I'm down about 120 figures. I'm missing stuff from POTJ, SAGA, Gold Bar, OTC, Post-OTC
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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    Guyute alerted me to this just a few minutes ago. Ordered two. Good deal.
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    I tried to order the "4 per customer" but it wouldn't let me. In the description it says "2 per customer." Hmmm I did get my two though and I think SK might have one for me, so i'm content. cheers!
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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    WOW....I just check there about an two hours ago and it wasn't listed. No biggie as i just ordered two.


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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    Twenty bucks + shipping for a 4" figure with electronic sound base. No thanks.

    Hopefully everyone who wasted several hours of their life waiting in line last weekend with nothing to show for it will be able to get one or two of these.
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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    the site wont let me add it to my cart now

    is it working now for anyone else??

    working now again!!
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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    Won't work for me either.
    Never mind, it is back up.
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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    my order for 1 went thru fine.

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    Re: C3 Vader @!

    That's pretty lame under Add to Cart it says Limit of 4 per customer and under the description at the bottom in boldface it says Limit Two Per Customer.

    I ended up placing my order twice so I could get the 4 that it says I could order. Both orders went through so it appears as though you can order up to 4 on two seperate orders.

    The only thing that sucks is that I ended up paying for postage twice at $7 but judging from what people are paying for them on ebay, all I have to do is sell just one of them to pay for all of them!
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