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    I would say Hasbro thinks of kids as 12 and under. I am 20 and still think of myself as a kid though, whatever I guess.
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    Last night at Target, there was a man and his son looking at Star Wars figures. The kid was maybe ten (I'm a poor judge of kids' ages) and desperately trying to convince his dad to buy a K-3PO he had in his hand. The snippet of conversation I heard was something like this:

    "Son, you're not getting this."

    "But DAAAAAAAAAAD! I want it."

    "I've never even heard of this guy."

    "He's on Hoth!"


    "You know, in the second one, where they're in the snow and the snow stormtroopers are fighting them. He's C-3PO's and R2-D2's friend! Please, dad, I really want him!"

    I didn't stick around, but I hope the kid got his K-3PO.
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    I am a 34 year old kid and I love it!!! I will continue collecting these figures and playing with them until I am no longer able to do so!

    So there!
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    Kinda off topic but humerous

    This happened to me about two years ago. I was checking out Wal Mart after work for new SW and GI Joes, my other passion. There was another guy in the aisle at the same time and he saw me inspecting a Joe.

    He asked me, 'You collect Joes?"

    I said yes. And he said, 'Stay right there,' and left. While I stood there wondering what the heck was going on, the guy returned with his wife/girlfriend/significant other and said 'See there are other men who collect Joes!'

    Like a couple of the other guys said, the number of kids 12 and under collecting SW has greatly diminished in the last 18 months. Really since Christmas '99 the kids have stayed away from SW.

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    You mean there are people out there who buy Star Wars toys and don't play with them? What's the point of that?
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    Thumbs up AMEN!

    I agree, they are TOYS. Intended to be played with! Not to be kept on a wall in their prisons. Have any of you seen Toy Story 2? Keeping Stinky Pete in that package of his ruined him! I agree that people should play with their TOYS! I don't care if they are collectibles or not, I very rarely keep them in their package. I even have funerals when one of them breaks or when I customize them and rip off their arms and heads....... Anyways........I am 16 and play with them all the time and will continue to for a long time. No matter what my parents say.
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    The definition of a "kid" has been well represented here, about 6-12 years of age. I started collecting at the ripe old age of 12 with the Early Bird set. Granted I was a teen as the saga and the subsequent toys progressed, but I believe that the story of K-3PO mentioned in this forum reflects a reality that Hasbro has been slow to recognize. "Kids" (at least not all of them) are not so enamoured with the core characters that they seek them to the exclusion of the obscure ones. Not every kid wants every figure, but to assume that kids are not facinated by the aliens and droids is a foolish notion.
    But the whole issue of Hasbro and kids seems to be going by the way side. Things like the Fan's Choice Poll, the better part of the upcoming Deluxe figure line, and characters like Jek Porkins, Ketwol, and the upcoming Shmi Skywalker illustrate that Hasbro has done an about face from their years-long approach of "Kids make up the primary market for Star Wars toys and therefore drive the decision making process in regard to character selection".
    So it really matters little what criterion Hasbro uses when defining a "kid", what matters now is how they perceive a "collector".

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    "The difference between the kids and the adults is the price of their toys".

    I am 27 and i love all my figures, but these days seems that our toys are getting more expensive...lets hope we can still afford our favorite toys in future times.

    As always............L

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    I also love my Action Fleets! Man I play with those suckers for hours on all the little stormtroopers and people! YAY!
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    Post Kids! We don't need no stinkin' kids!

    I understand why I don't normally see kids buying SW figs. I work 3pm-Midnight. I do most of my SW shopping at WM. Guess what, there aren't a lot of kids out buying SW around 1am. Can you dig it!?
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