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    Two things:

    Firstly I'm 33 and I play with my figures all the time and usually while reading these forums. Ellors Madak is keeping me company right now and last night he had a fight with Ketwol right here in front of the monitor...
    I used to feel silly playing with figures and tried to be a serious minded collector and keep them all mint and display them orderly like on the shelves. Then I thought to myself after looking at a million battle droids lined up like dominoes, THEY'RE TOYS DAMN YOU! and I ripped open all mt unopened figures and knocked all the displays over and messed everything up and had a brilliant battle with them all. So now I collect to play and make little scenes and always carry a figure round the house with me whatever I'm doing.

    Secondly. My Nephew is ten. He virtually cries with a jealous rage when he comes to my house and makes a bee line for my room to stare at my near complete collection. he has a few episode one pegwarmer type figures at home and would love to find some of the cooler figures at a pocket money price. He's never even seen Commtech Leia or Captain Piett or any POTJ figures. Apart from the figures he sees at my house he hasn't seen anything since the second wave of episode one. I wish I could afford to support his habit as well as mine but my fix comes first.
    Point is, where are the figures for the kids? Where's the cool stuff the kids are gonna dig? Don't Hasbro think that kids might want a Gungan army too? Kids never get a chance to go looking for stuff like us adults do. Kids lives are regimented by adults. They don't have the option of checking the stores daily. Point should be that no-one should have to check a store daily. Hasbro should send completely mixed cases to stores like Kenner did. I was able to pick up my vintage Greedo while I picked up a brand new B-wing pilot back then. All the cases were packed in such a way as to allow folk to catch up. This business of packing four of a character with four of another and then two each of another - that just plain sucks. throwing out the odd case of repacked stuff is no good unless the retailers know these cases exist. Hasbro aren't really doing a very good job of advertising their brand if so many stores refuse to stock the stuff still. I think it's time Hasbro slowed down the turnover of figures and made sure the cases were even more mixed to allow the kids a fair chance to find the damn figures.

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    Ya know its kinda funny I was thinking this exact same thing like two days ago. I myself am 27, and I can say I love this!! this is my hobby its no worse (in my opinion) than people collecting stamps or coins. Most of the collectors that I come across are my age or much older, and the main reasons for collecting are nostalga. I love the vintage figures because they are nostalgic, I can remember almost were I got every figure from as a kid, and getting an old carded vintage figure takes me back. We do have to face the ugly facts that the old vintage figure were pretty bad looking. New Star Wars figures give us a chance to get figures we never had then or old ones that look 100 times better. Most of the kids I know have little or no interest in Star Wars at all!! I mean this movie came out 15 years before half of them were born. Most action figures in general seem to be dead with alot of kids, why use your imagination with little plastic figures when your PS2 is right there.....and when I go to places like Walmart or TRU, the fact is im usually waiting for a man in his 30's to clear out of the way so I can rifle through the pegs!!!
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    You know what bugs me though? Seeing these 8 year old kids who pick up a figure and turn to their parent and say "I'm gonna buy this one, it's WORTH A LOT MORE MONEY". Dude, it's bad enough there are 40-year-olds doing that, but be a kid, enjoy the toy for what it is, not how much it can get you! I always want to say that to them, but instead I just walk away in disgust.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    In the past almost six years that SW has been out, I've never encountered that. Many times (but not in the last six months or so) I've ran into flea market suppliers who will cherry pick for the best and hard-to-find figures.

    There is a local comic shop/toy shop who I know get the hard to find figures on clearance at TRU and other places and greatly inflate the prices. That makes me sick!!

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    My girlfriend's little boy, who is seven, is one of the few kids I know who absolutely LOVES Star Wars! He's even starting to forget about Pokemon, Digimon, and hte like. When he comes over, sometimes he'll "accidentally" bump against the wall so they'll fall off my shelf and then he'll have to pick them up to replace them. She picked up a boomer battle droid for me the other day and when he saw it he went nuts. But he has no concept of the "Value" of figures, and if he ever starts any of that nonsense, I assure you his mother will explain to him that toys are for playing with. I love that kid. And as for me, I have the figures all over my place so at any time, I can start playing with them.

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    Maybe it's an LA thing, I've seen it far too many times for my tastes, at least once a month.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I agree kids for sure should be playing with these things....everytime I tell people what vintage figures are worth now, they always kick themselves for opening them....I never really understood this. I had everything as a kid, and all were opened and played with (as they should have been). At that time I couldn't really care what was worth more or what variants there were. Problem is in when most of were kids, no one was collecting action figures, so there was no market, they were toys...which are to be played with by children bottom line. Now the action figure collecting market is huge!!, it seems people have false dreams that in 20 years their Ewok celebration Leia will be worth 100's of dollars....sorry not true. I myself do keep them in the package...simply, I like they way the look on my walls, and it keeps em safe and looking good.......nothing more than that. About 5 months ago I was at a Wal mart, I grabbed the last Darth Maul Sith Apprentince. As I did this i overheard a little kid talking to his Mom about that was the one he I put it back and walked away, he ran over and grabbed it, no biggie I got one 2 days just was a good reminder who these things are really for......
    it takes two to lie, one to lie and one to listen - Homer Simpson


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