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    Master Replicas Ramblings

    Well, I just got back from C3 and had the opportunity to get a good close look at Master Replicas. Here is what I have determined.

    First of all let me start by saying that I have discovered that I don't particularly care for most of the Jedi lightsabers. Don't get me wrong, they are nice, but I really thought I would like 'em more than I do. Most of them seem akward. I am also put off by the amount of polished chrome. It's just too much. I don't really hate them or anything, I just thought I would like 'em more.

    Now for my personal biased review.

    Mini Sabers - I love 'em! In fact I bought Vader ($30.00), Dooku ($30.00) and Maul ($35.00) at the convention. I also bought 2 of the Obi-Wan C3 exclusive minis direct from Master Replicas! My first mini was the Best Buy Darth Sidious, which is much smaller than the others. However, upon inspection I discovered that I don't really care for their exclusives either! Chrome, Smoked Chrome,, I just don't like the look of 'em. I saw several of the gold regular and mini sabers and there is just no way I would get one. I will probably stick to collecting the regular versions of the Sith mini sabers.

    On a side note, Master Replicas anounced that they will be producing a .45 scaled undamaged Darth Maul saber, which I plan on buying.

    Limited Edition Sabers - Nice, very nice! In fact I had the chance to look at all the sabers MR had on display as well as the actual sabers from the films in the Lucas Archives. The MR sabers are much nicer. The original sabers are older and show heavy signs of wear and tear, even the Darth Maul saber looked worn out. However, I doubt I will be buying one of the full size MR sabers any time soon. After checking them out there are only 2-3 that I am interested in Vader, Maul and Sidious.

    The Sidious saber is small, not much bigger than the Yoda saber. What really struck me was the Lucas Archives Sidious saber, it looks quite good and I would not be surprised to find that Master Replicas actually produced the saber for Lucas. I could not confirm this however, so it's really just speculation, but the MR Sidious saber looks to be an exact match for the actual saber!

    Force F/X - I saw several people with the new and the old versions of these and the reports are correct, the new version is far superior to the original.

    Blasters - Cool, but not really my cup of tea.

    Movie Scaled Replicas - Nice, but again, not my cup of tea.

    Overall my impression of Master Replicas has gone up since I have had the chance to see them close up, but I am still hesitant to drop that kind of cash on their LE Sabers. I have seen the LE Darth Maul saber for $250.00 on Ebay and a few other places and I would consider spending that much on one. The Sidious saber is my favorite so I will probably buy one eventually. The Vader saber is...well...Darth Vader's lightsaber! So I will probably buy one of those eventually as well, I will probably buy the Vader F/X as well. But that's it for me.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    Im not sure what you saw in the FX that made the new "far superior" than the old.. the only difference between the two - Per MR is the battery pack.. the old FX holds 6 the new FX holds 3..

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    Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    To me it seemed that the blades on the older models were much fatter than the new ones. I saw several that looked that way, but many more that appeared to be smaller around. I was also given to understand that the saber hilt was more to scale. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks. Maybe someone with both types of F/X sabers could verify.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99
    I was also given to understand that the saber hilt was more to scale. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks.
    Yes, this part is true. The hilts are pretty much the same length as the actual props and are only slightly larger around (maybe about 1/4") Also the blades are a little brighter (not that they weren't extremely bright before) and the sound chip has a clearer, more pure sound to them. They also run on half the number of batteries (from six to three). There have been some very good improvements to the new releases, but the Luke ESB and Vader ANH are still very, very good performers. I'm eager to see what advances they will be able to make in these in the next few years. I think the FX line has the most potential of any of their other Star Wars products. One day down the road when they are able to make the dimesions down to the exact details of the real props and when they are able to make removeable blades with the same effects as the current line, I think we will see some kind of meldijng between the FX and LE lines: An extremely detailed and high quality LE reproduction with advanced FX electronics. I think that would be sweet.

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    Unhappy Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    i have my Vader FX for about 2 weeks now, its cool, but now theres a new better version available!! and the problem is this thing is not sold here in my country! I got it from and being an international customer, i had to add extra USD35 for shipping, but its worth it.. BUT now, if i want to order the new version of FX, i have to include another USD40 for the shipping cost! (total: USD79.95 for shiiping alone!!)..or a cheaper by USD10 if i order straight from MR..

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    Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    Order it straight from MR. Especially if shipping is cheaper.

    Hanging out with MR Sun night.... they said that the blade appears brighter because they color match the LED's that go in the blade, as opposed to taking a 'bucket' of mass produced LED's, reaching in, and inserting whatever bulb is grabbed.

    The new ones have louder sound chips.

    The new ones are $119, vs $99 or so. While the new ones are more accurately scaled (which is why I didn't buy any when first released), they will go thru the batteries more quickly then the older ones.

    Keep your eyes open for what's coming up later in the year. you'll like it.
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    Re: Master Replicas Ramblings

    Triplesaber, I have 2 recomendations:

    1. Contact Master Replicas to see if there is an authorized Master Replicas dealer in your area. You might be surprised. Master Replicas really wants to get their product out to market, and the Force F/X seems to be their mass production piece.

    2. Try Ebay! Believe it or not this seems to be one case where you can actually find it cheaper on the secondary market. There are soo many MR dealers selling Force F/X sabers that they tend to cut back on the price. I have seen them with buy it now prices as low as $90.00, and shipping will most likely be much cheaper.

    I hope that helps.

    On a side note, I found the new Vader and Anakin Force F/X sabers at Best Buy the other day. I was pretty tempted to buy one, but I am still trying to recover from all the money I spent at Celebration III.
    May the force be with you.


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