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    4 Days, 2 nights 1200 miles and 12 hours of sleep!

    It was about 10 am when I arrived at the convention center and a balmy 55 degrees. I went to the Will Call line and got my badge and lanyard within 45 minutes or so. I then had to go outside and find the line. The fan club line was incredibly long so I stood in the regular line. I finally got in at about 2:45 pm.

    I headed straight to the Gentle Giants booth and was saddened to find that they had sold out of their busts within the first hour or so. They did daily alotments so I still had a chance to get one.

    I spent most of the first day in the main exhibit hall with all the vendors. I got lots of great pics and bought a bunch of stuff to include:

    Mini Busts:
    Gamorrean Guard ($44)
    Grand Moff Tarkin ($44)
    Greedo ($44)
    Sandtrooper C3 Exclusive ($53) (Friday)

    Spirit of the Rebelion Glow-in-the-dark ($22) (Blind packaged!)
    Spirit of the Rebelion Clear ($22) (Blind packaged)
    Toy Fair Boba Fett in package (free)

    Mini Sabers:
    Obi-Wan C3 exclusive (X2) ($70)
    Darth Maul ($35)
    Count Dooku ($30)
    Darth Vader ($30)

    Death Star Gunner (X10) ($2.50-$4.00)
    Death Star Trooper ($2.50)
    AT-ST Driver (X2) ($2.50 ea)
    CommTech Stormie ($5.00)

    Star Wars B ($5)
    Star Wars ROTS Hasbro (Free)

    I decided that I would get the Sandtrooper bust at any cost, so on Thursday, after the screening of ANH, I went and got in line. That's right, I waited in line from 1 am until the doors opened at 9 am! But it paid off and I got my Sandtrooper! While at the booth I discovered that they still had a few "Spirit of the Rebelion" sets left. I went ahead and bought one. I asked about the Toy Fair Fett they had put out on the table and the girl working the booth said it was free. So I bought the Sandtrooper and the Spirit set and got a free Fett! I opened my spirit set and discovered it was in fact the chase "glow-in-the-dark" set! I then went back and bought the clear set.

    I went and checked out the Lucas Archives and got lots of great pics! They had some wonderful stuff on display. Several lightsabers, a HUGE Millenium Falcon next to a smaller one, the costumes from EP3's Mustafar battle to include Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme'! Then I went and checked out a few other exhibits.

    I left early on Friday (1:30 pm) and headed home exhausted from lack of sleep Thursday night.

    I slept Friday night and woke up at 10 am when the phone rang, Dr. E was on the phone. We had tried to get in touch the day before but my cell service was terrible in the convention center. I told him I would be heading out in a little while.

    Saturday was mostly about my daughter. We headed out about 11 am and arrived at about 1-1:30 pm. Taking into account the 1 hour time difference between Fort Knox and Indy. My daughter and I meet up with Tycho and a few others from SSG and we hung out for a little while. It was great to meet up but I wish we could have meet up earlier on Thursday or Friday.

    I took my daughter home at about 4:30-5:00 pm. I had dinner when I got home and headed back to indy for another camp out!

    I got there at about 1 am again. It was colder Saturday night and it snowed a bit. They opened the doors for us a little early and I headed straight for the C3 store, I was the second person in my line. I asked for 1 topper set 4 Vaders and 4 protective cases. They told me that they were sold out of cases! Grrrrrr!

    I hung out Sunday and hit a few more things, but mostly the vendors area.

    I got to meet Rick McC Friday and shook his hand, but I didn't want to hang him up, there were a lot of people trying to get pics and such.

    Zach Jensen (Kit Fisto) stopped by both nights that I camped out and hung out with us for a while. He was awesome! He chatted with us and let fans take pics. He was the only actor that did that as far as I know. Saturday night he walked across the street in the freezing cold (in jeans and a t-shirt no less) and hung out for a good 10-15 minutes. He praised us for our dedication and said "You guys are what make this thing so great! Your dedication to this is incredible! You don't have to be out here, but you are! Thank you." I am paraphrasing here, but he seemed soo down to earth and he really appreciated the fans. It really was great.

    There were a lot of great announcements at the convention, but most of 'em have been covered. Gentle Giants told me that they are considering selling the "Armory" collection helmets in 2 packs, but nothing is set in stone. They will be releasing them this year some time.

    Sorry I couldn't meet up with everyone that showed up. It would have been great to meet everyone, but with the drives back and forth and waiting in lines time was limited. If my cell had worked better in the convention center it would have helped. There were a few calls that got dropped or just static on my end.

    BTW, there were rumors of a Celebration IV to commemorate the 30th anniversary, who knows. I guess we will have to wait and see.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: 4 Days, 2 nights 1200 miles and 12 hours of sleep!

    You got 12hrs of sleep? Damn, I'm jealous!!!
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".

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    Re: 4 Days, 2 nights 1200 miles and 12 hours of sleep!

    Didn't I look well rested Saturday?

    I figured I better get some sleep over the 4 day weekend, I had a lot of driving to do.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: 4 Days, 2 nights 1200 miles and 12 hours of sleep!

    Doh, I didn't get to meet you. It really is too bad you didn't catch up with us on Friday night. Would have been fun to add another SSG'r to the party.

    As for having a Celebration IV, I'll bet they will. If not for the 30th anniversary (2007...only 2 years away!) then for the TV show that will be out by then. Or perhaps it will be for both.

    Either way, I will be there. Hopefully I'll be a Stormtrooper with 501st by then.


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