DualDisc is a supposedly revolutionary new technology that allows (and please contain your excitement here) an album in CD format on one side and in DVD-Audio format on the other!!

A couple of months ago, the studios re-released several albums in this format. I thought, "Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo!! This won't last long." Like most people, I don't use DVD-Audio, don't normally even play the pack-in freebie DVDs that come with some albums, and (as much as I love to listen to music) probably wouldn't notice a whole lot of difference in the sound quality.

But looking around online, it looks like two of the three CD's coming out in the next month that I've been looking forward to (Bruce Springsteen and Joe Perry) are being released only on DualDisc. And it looks like a couple of other high-profile new releases that I don't care about are also only available on DualDisc.

Call me crazy, but I hate flippers anyway. I'm careful with all my CD's and DVD's, but I like knowing that it won't be the end of the world if I accidentally touch one side of the disc.

More insidious, though, it looks to me like this is a way for the record industry ripoff artists to jack the prices up again. The prices for new CD's have dropped pretty dramatically over the past year or so, but these things cost what CD's used to cost. And it looks like, with the higher profile albums coming out only in this format, that it's a situation where a year or so from now they'll say, "Hey, folks bought these albums, so maybe we should do only DualDisc from now on!"

Man, I'm old fashioned. I like to actually have the physical CD with the original artwork and such, and I don't believe in downloading tracks (unless it's a case like the ROTS soundtrack, where I plan to buy it anyway). But this is making it really difficult to justify spending money on something that I'm only going to half use.