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Thread: V-Wing

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    Will the V-Wing be made? Everyone is talking about making the AT-TE and I want one too but no one metions the V-Wing. I actually don't even know what one looks like but if the Clones use them I want it. Also does anyone have a pic of it, that isn't a spoiler?

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    Re: V-Wing

    At Celebration III, Hasbro pretty much flat-out said there would be no more vehicles for this year that we haven't already seen -except- possibly store exclusives.

    And of course they wouldn't talk about 2006.

    But things didn't sound too hopeful for the V-Wing (and it -was- specifically asked about). I'd put it in the same category as the AT-TE, Turbo Tank, and Cloud Car. Though like the Cloud Car, there's probably a -slightly- better chance of seeing this on shelves, since it'd be a 'smaller' vehicle.

    I do hate to burst folks' bubbles, though, but I'm betting we won't see much in the way of vehicles -except- exclusives and 'deluxe figure' type vehicles after this year. Without a movie to 'push' the product, Hasbro doesn't think vehicles will sell to the "soccer mom" and 'pokemon generation' sets.... But then again, with Hasbro going 'direct to consumer' with there's always hope. Especially since it looks like they'll be doing vehicles for the 3 3/4" Joes.

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    Re: V-Wing

    Just play Rouge Squadron for N64 that featured the V-Wing, that is until you put in the code to get the flying car.
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    Re: V-Wing

    Jerks! The movie doesn't even come out for like 2 weeks. It'll be in theaters for a long time, Hasbro should have more stuff coming out over the next 2 months, since there sales will be going up anyway...

    Is this not logical? The time to stop producing lots of stuff is mid-April...
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    I've got a feeling that they'll make one.

    And I was waaaaaaay of in my estimation of what the V-Wing would look like. I guess Chux and myself think alike.
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    For those STILL wondering what the V-wing looks like, follow the link:
    or more specifically here:
    and finally here:

    Note the vague similarities between this ship and the Virago:

    Move along, move along

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    I still prefer this V-Wing.
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    ! I remember that from the game, and it is pretty cool. ...even though it looks like a Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica at that angle.

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    that was in ROTS? i'm gonna have to watch that again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthvyn
    that was in ROTS? i'm gonna have to watch that again...

    The one Slicker posted a link to is from a game. The one JMS posted links to is the one from the movie. Among other appearances, they escort the shuttle back to Coruscant after picking up deep fried Anakin.


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