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    Re: Lego sale

    Believe it or not those are actually some great prices KB or not. I may just have to pick up the Tri-droid even if I'm broke as hell.
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    I don't know if anyone is interested or not, but is having a Star Wars special. Free shipping on all orders over $50. I managed to pick up 2 of the arenas that I have been unable to find here and they only wanted $19.99 for them. Also, all of their LEGO's are on sale for 20% off and they are free shipping too. Now if they would just drop the price of the Gunship down to the SRP of $29.99 I would be happy.
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    You know with free freight and check for no tax it is a better buy that Walmart's online price of $28.88.
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    ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    I don't think this has been released yet so here's the link it's $34.99 but shipping is free so it comes out to nearly the same price as a store.
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    Re: ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    They were released a month ago. Suncoast has had them since before 4/2.

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    Re: ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    I Bought Mine 4/2. I Still See Them In The Store.

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    Re: ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    Yeah, I picked one up around the 10th or around-about. Nice ship, other than the new paint job...
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    Re: ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    It was released on 4/2, but like many other things some areas have an overabudance and other areas have nothing.
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    Re: ROTS Gunship in stock at!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    It was released on 4/2, but like many other things some areas have an overabudance and other areas have nothing.
    Yeah I know what you mean this thing is very hard to find in my area I've yet to see one.


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