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    Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    I heard a rumor from a couple of vendors that Sideshow was going to get the 12 inch license for Star Wars, or that they would at least be producing some 12 inch figures. Given the work they have done of the 18 inch stuff I say this could be a very good thing.

    Remember this is all just speculation and rumor at thing point, but here are a few 12 inch figures I would love for them to do:

    Darth Vader OT style with cloth capes and 3 piece removable helmet
    Stormtrooper with lots of articulation
    Bounty Hunters (ESB)
    Boba Fett

    Sideshow has shown what a wonderful job they can do with the 18 inch stuff, I can't wait to see what they can do with the 12 inch line.
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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    Where do you purchase Sideshow products.....retail stores or online at their website?

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    Yes I Think Its A Good Think As Well If Sideshow Gets The 12" Line To. I Think Hasbro Sould Stick The 3/4" Range.

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    Sideshow would probably do a better job than Hasbro with the alien or armored/helmeted characters such as Vader or Fett. But I think they would still struggle with capturing accurate likenesses of the actors like most toy companies do, including Hasbro.

    I was tempted to collect Sideshow's 12" Buffy the Vampire Slayer line but I was disappointed with poor likenesses on the Alysson Hannigan (Willow) and Eliza Dushku (Faith) figures. I have a feeling Sideshow would also have problems capturing likenesses of the human characters in Star Wars. Plus their 12" line is really over priced at $40 each.

    Sideshow's 18" Han and Luke look pretty good but they have low production runs. I've noticed a drop in quality in figures that are produced in larger quantities as they go from prototype to production. Look at Hasbro's 12" VOTC Luke prototype photos and what we eventually got. The mass produced figure looked like a Ken doll with a goofy smile. I honestly don't think Sideshow would fare any better and they would charge twice as much.

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    Well As I Said Before I Think Sideshow Would Do A Better Job Then Hasbro, As I Collect Their James Bond 12" Range And X Files And They Are Superb Likenesses

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    I have never heard of they sale in a retail storew or are they an online shop only? Anyone!!

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    DH, Sideshow does offer their product through their webstore. You can also find their stuff in comic shops and some online toy/collectible stores.

    They occasionally offer some figures exclusively at comic conventions. For those collectors who can't make the con, Sideshow runs a 'lottery' and those that enter might win a chance to buy the exclusive.

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    Thanks for the information. I checked out their website briefly but need to navigate through it more!! Thanks for the link you posted!!

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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    They have really good statues and such and I'm sure if they did do 12" figures that would be at the same calibur, so I am totally on board for them to do the figures as well. Will it happen though? I doubt it.
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    Re: Sideshow to produce 12 inch line?

    You should see the quality on their James Bond line... most of the figs are dead on (at least the male figures)... thus I would love to see them make a 12" line. However, Medicom seems as if they have the license right now (although it could just be for the Asian markets)... their new Vader and Stormtrooper figs are sweet.


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