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Thread: C3 Regrets

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    Re: C3 Regrets

    Quote Originally Posted by scruffziller
    5. Also that one event called CONTINUITY.....something...something. That went on Saturday during the 1-man-SW show. Did anyone go to that? DAR!!!??? you wers suppose to be my point man on that did you go!!??
    Give me a synopsis.
    Ahhhhh . . .. ummmmm . . . . no, missed it. I think I was getting David Prowse's signature at the time . . .or something. But I know I missed it . . . . LBC was with me and I really cannot remember what we were doing at the time . . . sorry mate .

    I wish we could have had a bit better organization for the SSG crew. Not that Dr Evazan didn't do his best, without what he did half of use would never have met up. But I wish there was a definitive meet and greet for all of us and all of us were aware of it. Those I did hang with, we had a blast! I would have liked to meet more of you!

    LBC, the SW in 30 was a friggin RIOT!! I wish someone video taped it and would distribute it. Its soo hard to explain without the visuals!

    I also regret not getting a better pic with the really HhhooooOOooootttTT!! Slave Leia. Granted, Chris did a good job without really knowing how to operate my camera . . but I would have liked a closer, picture . . . in many ways .

    All in all I had a blast though . . so its not too many regrets.
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22
    - I didn't hang more with those I wasn't staying with
    Sorry we bored you so much there Doc! j/k! I guess We'll just have to work harder to please ya next time!
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