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Thread: C3 Regrets

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    C3 Regrets

    Now that the convention has been over for a few days, does anyone wish they had done something differently? I myself have a had a few regrets, minor ones, but if I could go back and do things differently, here is what I would have done.

    1) Left earlier & later - I didn't get in to Indy until Thursday afternoon, due to circumstances beyond my control. The whole first day was a washout for me considering a took a nap upon getting into the hotel room. I went later that night with the SSG gang but were denied access to the opening ceremonies due to heavy crowds.
    I also left Sunday afternoon on a jet plane when I could have left on Monday. Another wasted day

    2) Saw Lucas - George met with the fans on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, that was the last chance for me to get figures at the C3 store, and I had an obligation to fulfill with those figures, so I couldn't have skipped that portion of the day. It was a tough choice, but I knew I had to wait to get to the store. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have liked to gone on Friday.

    3) Saw the musical and the one-man show - I hear that both of the shows were great, especially the performer for the one-man show. Due to time limitations, I couldn't get to them. If I followed through on regret 1, then this problem would have been solved.

    Regrets, I've had a few, then again, too few to mention But my eyes are not stinging in the bitter tears of disappointment. I had a blast and hope to attend some similar future event.
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    1. Not meeting up with everyone from SSG or spending more time with those that hung out together. Time was a big factor, plus lousy cell phone reception.

    2. Not buying my figures sooner, I missed out on the exclusive Star Case for the Vaders.

    3. Not being able to get a second Sandtrooper bust to sell for $1,000,000.00 on Ebay. JK LOL I was hoping to grab one for Turbowars.

    4. I missed George Lucas.

    Ahhh, scratch number 4, I didn't really care about seeing him that much.

    Anyway, I was happy to be able to bring my daughter for one day and glad she had the opportunity to go into Star Wars overload. I hope she will remember the event when she is older. I really enjoy sharing my love of Star Wars with her and hope she will take to it like her old man some day. Lord knows I encourage her.
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    lets see...
    1) Only going on Friday

    2) Not getting into the c3 store

    3) not realizing everyone from SSG was meeting up

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    Re: C3 Regrets

    I regret spending all day in the celebration store to get that action figure. I should have just spent my day at the convention and bought it on ebay.

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    Re: C3 Regrets

    I regret:

    Not getting into the Opening Ceremonies expecially after The 'Xir told me there was more seats left AFTER THE FACT .

    Spending 6+ hours in the store line . . but then again I also DON'T regret that as well

    Leaving my camera back at the motel on Thurs . . . . D'oh!

    Spending time outside in line when there was other ways in . . .

    Not seeing Lucas . . . although my daughter cannot wear Lucas nor will he hang on my wall . . . .

    Not having more money!!!

    LBC . . remember though, we did get to see Star Wars in 30 . . that show was AWESOME!!! The one man show was great too . . . didn't see the musical . . . maybe that's a good thing
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    I have a few....

    1. Not getting to meet up with more SSG Members. Time was also a big factor for me. I was busy as hell.

    2. Taken a digital camera. I used a disposable. The pictures (there were a lot) and they turned out like crap!
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    I regret not going.

    After I spent 12 hours "volunteering" for CII, I was planning on just attending a convention like everyone else, and getting to see more events, costumes, props. I missed a lot of that working as a badge check person at CII. There were also more of the Stormtroopers/bad guys at CIII than at CII. Maybe the next convention will be better.
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    I have a few....

    1. Not getting to meet up with more SSG Members. Time was also a big factor for me. I was busy as hell.

    2. Taken a digital camera. I used a disposable. The pictures (there were a lot) and they turned out like crap!

    I regret that you did not stick around after meeting you in the Autograph hall. I could have taken you out to see some of the SSG'ers . . . . Ahhh well . . . .
    Dar' is no longer "Live in Orlando" . . . he may "Not be in Orlando" either . . .
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    I guess my main regrets are:

    -Not getting into the store to get a Vader figure.
    But, on the upside, I got to see the 1-man show, 30 minute show, and the musical.

    -Letting my wife come along. While I love her, and enjoy her company, her not being a Star Wars fan really put a damper on some of my enjoyment. The lines put her in a real foul mood, which in turn, put me in a foul mood.

    -Not getting into the Lucasfilm archives. Everytime I tried, the line was insane.

    -Not taking more pictures

    -Not getting to hang out with the SSG'ers more.
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    Re: C3 Regrets

    1) I think I could have waited a day before going out to CIII, like LBC did! It would have given me a chance to work one more day, and bring more money out to the event!

    As a result 2) Not seeing Geroge Lucas!! I had the chance to get out of the Toy/Store line(and out of the rain) to see him and I didn't take it!!! Why?, because I didn't bring a ton of cash out with me to CIII and because my Badge never got punched the first time I bought figs I was able to buy 4more figs and thought that I could sell them to have enough/more money for CIII and to get back to Da'Cuse! When In hindsight, I had brought some of my Companies merchandise out with me and If I had not spent the $72bucks on four more figs & cases and worked my way back to the Cuse like I did, I would have been able to see George and still have enough money!!!

    3) Take More Photos! I don't have a digital camera, and once again I didn't have a ton of money to throw around! Although I could have from the onset I didn't buy a disposable until Sunday, last day and only got about 1/4 to 1/2 of the pics I wanted!

    Hey Doc!!! I'll send you "you know who's" email addresses if you send me a good pic of the best Ventress of CIII! You know which one! I wish I had gone up and asked her, her name, 'cause she really did an AWESOME job and really knew how to work the crowd!
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