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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    Thanks KIDD takes the hassle out of the morning runs now if that AT TE gunner would show up on there I'd be very happy.

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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    Good eye, Kidd!

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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    i owe you one Kidd! (haha) the clone pilots are sold out but i was still able to pick up a few clone commanders. thanks once again.

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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    it's good to see that the figures are becoming a little easier to get. i just need to get 41-44. but i prefer the hunt, rather than just simply ordering them. except for exclusives, which usually require ordering. but this is good for those that are unable to find them in stores.
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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    So much for the clones.

    I'm glad I go mine at Kohls a couple weeks ago, but this does not bode well for whenever they put 41-44 on the site - considering 2 out of 4 will likely be bought up in 5 minutes by army builders (as I'm assuming they were tonight, considering they couldn't have been up there for more than a couple hours). I'd love to know when amazon actually put them up, cuz I checked earlier today and there was no sign of them. Does this mean we'll just have to keep on checking randomly, or is there some set time when they put up new items for sale?
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    TRU/ finds(merged)

    Ordered mine and I am looking forward to it.

    Yes I know it is a new paint job but I really want a Purple MACE Starfighter (seen in the Clone Wars Volume 2).

    **Yes I did place a review there also.**
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    Re: Toys R Us . Com has 33 34 35 36 on the site 4 sale

    It is all sold out now.

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    Re: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter TRU Exclusive **In Stock**

    I followed the link posted here and saw the ad for TRU! IT IS INVISIBLE! I mean of course there's no image available because Anakin uses the Force to become invisible....JOKING...Why do people post ads w/o pics and trust us to buy them?
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    Re: TRU/ finds(merged)

    Red Guard for those who need him.

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